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How to Encourage Your Teen to Make the Right Food Choices

Posted on 08 August 2010 by

Parents want their children to grow up to be fit and strong. One way to ensure their wellbeing is to encourage your teen to make the right food choices. If they learn to eat healthy foods at home, they are much more likely to continue eating in the same manner when they move away from […]

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Supplements in Toddlers

Posted on 07 August 2010 by

Parents hope they’re doing the best things for their children. This is true from the day the child is born until they grow up and move out of their parents’ home. One topic parents may feel unsure about concerns the use of supplements in toddlers. They want to make certain their child is getting the […]

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Healthy Ways to Kickstart your Day

Posted on 28 July 2010 by

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It refuels the body after a long night’s rest and provides energy for the work that lay ahead. Eating breakfast helps improve concentration, reduces the urge to snack and regulates the blood sugar level, among other benefits. No matter how fast-paced the beginning of the day […]

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Why Soft Drinks Are Bad for Our Health

Posted on 26 July 2010 by

With the emphasis on being healthy in recent years, soft drinks are coming under attack. Recent research has indicated the problems of soft drinks; in fact, there are many reasons why they are bad for our health. Here are just a few of the many reasons you may want to avoid drinking soft drinks from […]

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Top Summer Nutrition Tips for the Whole Family

Posted on 19 July 2010 by

It is so much easier to try to be healthy during the summer than in the winter. Try some of the top summer nutrition tips for the whole family and see if you don’t lose weight and feel better. Of course, the trick is maintaining the loss when the cooler weather returns. Use the summer […]

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How to Make Rice Cereal Sushi

Posted on 07 July 2010 by

Appreciation for Japanese food creativity is not only limited to adults. Kids can also enjoy Japanese sushi without having to eat raw fish or hot wasabi. Using candy and crispy rice cereal, you can make kid-friendly sushi-like treats at home. This recipe is easy to follow and will surely be a hit when served during […]

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Gluten-Free 4th of July Desserts

Posted on 29 June 2010 by

Some people have problems processing gluten in their diet. They may be gluten intolerant or have Celiac disease (more serious), both of which can lead to pain and discomfort. Needing to avoid gluten, which is found in wheat, barley, rye and many processed foods, makes it necessary to find gluten-free alternatives. If you don’t have […]

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Natural Alternatives to Sweeten Your Food and Your Life

Posted on 23 June 2010 by

With all of the health problems that arise from sugar and sugar alternatives, it is no wonder that many people are taking to natural sweeteners in their food. Using natural sweeteners such as honey, figs, apple juice and others helps to avoid chemicals that may be used in sugar and sugar alternatives. A list is […]

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Why Sugar and Sugar Substitutes Can Make Us Ill

Posted on 22 June 2010 by

It is not news that sugar and sugar substitutes can make us ill. Sugar and their substitutes are available in many forms, and not all are obvious. It is much healthier to use natural sweeteners both in beverages and in food. Sugar and sugar substitutes have negative side effects on our bodies such as obesity […]

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Fresh Fruit Buying Tips

Posted on 17 June 2010 by

Eating fruits is one of the best ways to cool off during summer. Fruits can be eaten raw, mixed with other food or turned into a fruit shake. Kids absolutely love fruits, whatever the preparation is. Supermarkets have fruits in abundance, especially during summer. Buying them can be quite a task if you are unsure […]

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Alternative Healthy Gluten-Free Grains

Posted on 15 June 2010 by

Maintaining a gluten-free diet can be difficult without doing any kind of research. There are many alternatives to gluten, in the form of gluten-free grains. When choosing a gluten-free grain, be sure to do your research on the manufacturer. Sometimes grains are labeled gluten free, but may come into contact with items that have been […]

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9 Ways On How To Get Your Child To Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

It is definitely hard to convince children to eat more fruits and vegetables. Young children are especially very hard to feed, and they choose to eat only foods that they are already familiar with. Since healthy eating habits should be started early, parents should keep on offering fruits and vegetables as part of a child’s […]

Family Dinner – a Nurturing Tradition

Busy schedules seem to make it nearly impossible to share a meal together as a family. Even though you, your partner, and your children may all have busy schedules, having family dinner is important. Not only does eating together nourish your body, it’s a nurturing tradition. Many families these days have allowed their schedules to dictate […]

How To Overcome Common Eating Struggles In Young Children

Parents may find mealtimes challenging, especially when feeding very young kids. As much as parents would like to teach young kids healthy habits, feeding challenges will always be part of mealtimes. Here are some common feeding challenges, and ways on how you can handle them: 1. Food Jags – A child will only eat the same […]

8 Tips On How To Make Healthy Food Choices When Eating Out With Kids

Families just love dining out and while it can be equally fun for kids, frequent eating out may not at all be healthy for the entire family. According to studies, kids who dine out for at least four times in a week are actually at risk, for heart disease and stroke later in life. A […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Encouraging Children to Become Healthy Eaters

If you’re a parent, you want your children to be healthy. To accomplish this goal, you encourage them to be active, avoid too many fatty and sweet foods, take baths and wash their hands. However, you may have a picky eater. Here are some do’s and don’ts of encouraging children to become healthy eaters. It’s not […]

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