What To Do On Your Baby’s First Halloween

By in Halloween on 25 October 2011

Halloween is always an exciting time for kids because it’s the only time of the year when they can get free candies while dressed up as their favorite character. Parents can also enjoy this time by taking lots of pictures of their child or even take part in the celebration by dressing up as well.

Celebrating halloween with a newborn is a little different. Since they are too young to walk house after house or even eat candy, parents find alternative ways to make their baby’s first Halloween special.

Wearing scary costumes is a big part of the Halloween experience, so don’t let your child miss out by getting him in a cute costume, too. What do you want your child to be? List down your ideas. Pick out an outfit that’s safe for infants – no choking hazards and no sharp or glittery embellishments that may pierce your child’s skin or get into his eyes. Carter’s make baby-friendly Halloween costumes for their Little Occasions line.

Parents, young and old, also like to have fun by decking out in their scariest on Halloween. Take this opportunity to dress up as a family by wearing matching costumes. You can be the cast of a popular TV show or movie like The Addams Family, The Simpsons, Harry Potter or The Incredibles. You can also be a set of inanimate objects such as crayons, kitchen utensils, golf clubs, soda bottles or chocolate bars.

Halloween costumes need not be expensive, you can take this time to practice your sewing skills by making a DIY costume. Face paint and make up also adds to the authenticity of the costume. But leave this to the older kids, since a baby’s skin is too delicate for coloring. Even food grade food coloring is not recommended. Besides, it’s easier to go for ‘cute’ than ‘scary’ for your little pumpkin.

Babies are quite sensitive to the environment, so it is best for babies younger than 6 months to stay at home. The little one can just wear his costume for the camera, as it might be uncomfortable to wear all day. However, if an older child needs company trick or treating, you can put the baby in a stroller with layers of blankets. Try to do the rounds early, to avoid the cold winter bite and disrupting the baby’s bedtime routine.

There’s also the option to trick or treat indoors, which is safer for kids. Check your local mall for trick or treat schedules. Some offices also allow trick or treaters in during Halloween. But even if your child amasses a bagful of candies, absolutely no candy should be given to him. Those are just empty calories anyway.

Some parents may choose to skip Halloween for their newborn altogether. Whatever your decision may be, you know that your Halloweens will be celebrated differently for years to come, now that you have a new baby.


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