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Ways To Help Your Baby Cope With Immunization Pains

Posted on 10 November 2011

Is Soy Milk Better For Your Child?

Posted on 03 November 2011

What To Do On Your Baby’s First Halloween

Posted on 25 October 2011

How To Successfully Host A Toddler Playdate

Posted on 19 October 2011

Starting Daycare: How To Deal With Health Concerns

Posted on 06 October 2011

Pre-flight Checklist For Parents Traveling With A Baby

Posted on 04 October 2011

How To Get Your Child Off The Pacifier

Posted on 26 September 2011

Should You Put Your Toddler On Time Out?

Posted on 16 September 2011

Healthy But Often Overlooked Home-Cooking Techniques

Posted on 10 September 2011

What You Need To Know About Swimming Lessons For Babies

Posted on 05 September 2011

Hurricane Safety Tips For Families

Posted on 30 August 2011


Top 3 Reasons Why Parents Fear Vaccination For Their Child

For many years now, vaccination has played a significant role in curbing the morbidity and mortality rate of some infectious diseases. It has even eradicated a number of disease entities which claimed countless lives before regardless of age. One classic example of the outstanding role of vaccination in the prevention of disease is the eradication […]

What To Expect At Your First Prenatal Check Up

Prenatal care is essential in ensuring the overall health and wellness of both mother and child. The first prenatal care visit can be stressful for women because doctors generally gather a lot of information, in order to make sure that the pregnancy can be as problem free as possible. Your medical provider will generally get a […]

How Wound Stitching Is Done

Getting a stitch done for a skin cut is a nightmare for any kid. Understand that the sight of a deep wound oozing with blood and the pain felt by your child is frightening already. What can be more traumatic for the child is the thought of a needle that has to pass through several […]

How To Help Your Child Prepare For A Doctor Visit

With doctor visits starting at birth and onwards, it is only but natural for younger children to have negative thoughts regarding consultations. Whether it is just a well-baby check up, a scheduled immunization, or even just a consultation for minor health concerns, a child may not perceive it differently. For a child, it may still […]

Why Cesarean Section Should Not Be Feared At All

When I learned that I am carrying twins, I knew right then that I will not be able to experience natural birth. The initial ultrasound revealed that both of my twins are in breech position (the leading parts are buttocks instead of the heads). Although their presenting parts can still change as they grow inside […]

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