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How Do You Handle The Bad Behavior Of Other Kids?

Posted on 23 May 2011 by

Kids love playgrounds because it gives them the opportunity to master both physical and social skills. But even if it is a venue where many happy memories are made, not all kids are friendly and your child can easily be vulnerable to bullies or rude kids who want to be the king of the playground. […]

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Why Does My Child Prefer Her Dad Over Me?

Posted on 20 May 2011 by

Winning bedtime battles and changing soiled nappies are just a few of the things listed on any parent’s daily to-do list. But even if the tasks seem daunting and even if the list seems to grow every now and then, many parents would readily take on the challenge for as long as it’s for their […]

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How Do I Deal With My Child’s Public Tantrums?

Posted on 05 May 2011 by

If you have been the recipient of disturbing glares and demeaning stares from onlookers each time your toddler throws a screaming fit, how do you respond? Have you always wished that you had magic spells so that your child will immediately stop screaming or do you opt to be more realistic and head straight to […]

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Should I Spank My Kids?

Posted on 28 April 2011 by

Spanking is a subject that many parents prefer to be discreet about. With many opposing views on this discipline method, debates are common when the topic is brought up in friendly social circles or even in intimate family gatherings. With kids equipped with extraordinary manipulative talents even at a young age, how do you deal […]

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How Can I Stop My Child From Biting Others?

Posted on 26 April 2011 by

Aside from piranhas, kids bite too! While we are familiar with kicking, hitting and throwing tantrums – biting is also a behavioral issue that ranks high on the list of problem behavior amongst children. Kids bite because they are easily frustrated, and they can’t vent negative emotions properly yet. For others, biting is an act […]

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Tips for Frugal and Memorable Easter Family Fun

Posted on 22 April 2011 by

Holidays can be expensive for families. It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter – they can cost a lot of money. Try using some of these tips for frugal and memorable Easter family fun rather than simply spending money on commercial items. One thing your family might enjoy is taking […]

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Does My Child Have A Speech And Language Delay?

Posted on 20 April 2011 by

Long before your child has uttered his first word, the process of learning how to communicate has already begun. But with kids developing differently, you could never expect your child to be as fluent as another kid with the same age in his playgroup. So when it comes to your child’s speech and language development, […]

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Frugal Easter Gifts

Posted on 20 April 2011 by

Look around department stores and you’re bound to see expensive, pre-made Easter baskets filled with toys and candy. Some children beg their parents for the most expensive baskets and gifts. If you’re looking for frugal Easter gifts, however, try some of these ideas. Who says an Easter basket has to be in an actual basket? […]

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How to Celebrate Easter More Meaningfully

Posted on 19 April 2011 by

Family traditions can be the glue which holds a family together. This is particularly true when it comes to traditions concerning holidays. Many families wonder how to celebrate Easter more meaningfully as well as the other holidays throughout the year. Rather than focusing on the Easter candy the children will receive and eat, focus more […]

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The Story of Passover – An Explanation

Posted on 18 April 2011 by

When springtime comes, most people think about Easter and what it means to them. There is another day celebrated during the spring, often before or after, sometimes even falling on the same day as Easter. This is the Jewish holy day Passover, celebrated on the 15th of Nissan. If you’re not aware of this holy […]

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Easter Egg Coloring and Decoration Ideas

Posted on 17 April 2011 by

Coloring Easter eggs is one of the activities children enjoy most about the Easter holiday; that and eating the candy in their baskets. Some parents have problems coming up with Easter egg coloring and decoration ideas. You can try some of these ideas to get you started. How to dye eggs It’s not unusual for […]

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How To Help Your Child Make Friends

When my daughter was still three years old, she was very reserved and she barely got along with other kids. Even if we’d take her to play areas, she would prefer to play by herself as compared to the other kids who made instant friends. While attending preschool, it became more apparent that my daughter […]

What You Need To Know About Social Phobia

All of us feel nervous or anxious in some social situations. Before speaking in front of a group, it is only normal for your heart to pound faster, and you may also feel butterflies in your stomach. And although many of us get similar anxiety-related symptoms, we can still somehow manage to get on […]

Should You Be An Overprotective Parent?

Our nurturing and protective instinct kicks into overdrive after our child is born. From a child’s first step to his first attempt to ride a bicycle, we have rightfully secured a spot close by. More than just witnessing a child’s milestones, parents hover just to make sure that bruised and scraped knees can be avoided. […]

Speak Up! – How to Help Your Child Overcome Shyness

Being shy can be painful for the person who is, as well as for their loved ones. It hurts a parent to know how being shy can affect their child’s entire life. That’s why it’s important to teach your child to speak up. Helping your child overcome shyness is not as difficult as you may […]

Bullying At School: How To Help Your Child Through Tough Times

School can be a very good learning ground for children. It allows a child to explore a different environment outside from home. Mental, emotional and social skills are developed at school. However, there are instances at school wherein your child may have difficulty coping. Around fifty percent of children experience bullying at school. While the […]

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