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Allergies in Children and Your Pets

Posted on 21 September 2009 by

Research indicates that the incidence of allergies in children is increasing from year to year. This includes allergies to pets. A large percentage of households now include a family member who is allergic to animals. Children can be allergic to all of the common pet species – birds, dogs, cats and small mammals such as […]

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How To Manage Food Allergies In Children

According to the CDC, food allergies in children have significantly increased over the years. Food allergies occur when the body wrongly identifies a type of food as a harmful substance. The body then triggers an immune system reaction, particularly releasing antibodies to fight the allergen. Even if a child ingests only a small amount of […]

How To Deal With Your Child’s Spring Allergies

Many families look forward to spring with hopes of warmer weather, blooming flowers and trees, and many fun-filled days outdoors. While we may have plenty of reasons to eagerly await the onset of spring, some individuals or even children can’t help but dread this time of year. This is due to the fact that along […]

Natural Allergy Remedies

Every year millions of people are struck with a myriad of allergies. While you may want to use traditional means to get rid of them, natural allergy remedies can be just as effective. There are a number of natural remedies you may want to try. Allergy symptoms include having a runny nose, sneezing, chest congestion, coughing, […]

How To Allergy-Proof Your Home

Allergies are common among children and adults. Allergens or allergy triggers can be found everywhere. Parents who have a history of allergies need to be extra cautious with their children because they may also have allergy symptoms. Sometimes it can be hard to identify triggers especially if you are exposed to a couple of potential […]

5 Unique Mannerisms and Facial Signs of Allergic Rhinitis

Is your child having paroxysmal bouts of sneezing? If he does, do you often see him attempting to wrinkle his nose because of itchiness? Or do you notice frequent clear watery discharges from his nose? Be advised! This is the classic presentation of rhinitis. Rhinitis is an inflammation of the lining of the nose, characterized by […]

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