Getting involved in your child’s school activities is an excellent way to further develop a bond with your child. Getting involved also helps your child to see that you are interested in their activities and will likely foster a higher academic success rate.

There are several ways that you can get involved in your child’s school such as joining the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), volunteering on field trips and being an active presence within the school itself.

Join the PTA

Most schools still carry on the tradition of establishing a Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). The purpose of the PTA is to hold regular meetings to determine which policies are working for the school and also to implement new programs and/or field trips.

The PTA also works to involve parents in as much of their children’s activities as they wish to be involved in. Teachers, principals and parents all work together to ensure that the children are receiving the best possible education and home life.

Volunteer to Go on Field Trips

Volunteering to go on field trips is a great way to become involved in your children’s academic lives. Field trips are usually designed to teach children lessons in correspondence to their education. If you can arrange it, either by taking a day off of work or shelving other obligations, being there with your child to experience the field trip first-hand can be a rewarding experience.

If it is not possible for you to attend, try to arrange for another family member such as your spouse, aunts and uncles or grandparents to attend. This way your child will be able to share in the experience at the moment and this will be a great experience for you both.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Other than joining the PTA, you can establish a regular school presence by volunteering to come in and read to the class, if such policy allows. Otherwise, having a hands-on approach to holiday parties can be a great way to establish presence as well.

If you are crafty, you can help design the decorations and invitations for children to bring home to share with their family members. You can even volunteer to come in and teach children a particular craft that will be easy for them to do outside of school. This may also interest other parents in becoming more involved as well – a win-win situation.

Being involved in your child’s education and school life can be a great way to help your child develop a life-long love of learning. By experiencing field trips first-hand with the children and getting involved in school matters, it opens the doors to possible future improvements in your child’s school system.

Schools tend to appreciate outside help, especially when the budgets may not allow for much legroom. So contact your child’s school today and see how you can get involved. Your child will thank you.