A bulging tummy is something many women feel conscious about. Flabs can dampen a person’s self confidence just because of its unattractive appearance. An unshapely belly, especially a post partum one can be a source of insecurity, so women look for ways to get it back in its flat shape.

Some specific types of exercise or surgery can help flatten the tummy. But if you are looking for a quick fix, there are some ways to instantly make the tummy flat or at least reduce its appearance. Take a look at these tips:

The easiest way to hide belly baggage is to pull off simple fashion tricks. Take away attention from the abdomen by wearing the right kind of clothes and accessories. For example, avoid wearing horizontal stripes because people’s eyes follow its circular direction on the body, making them focus on areas you don’t want them looking at.

Clothes are more flattering when the tummy is flat. When choosing clothes, keep away from stretchy body hugging material because it cannot hide the contour of the belly. On the other hand, avoid materials that add too much bulk. Go for a-line cuts and empire cuts which keep the stomach area loose instead. Don’t make the mistake of tucking-in your top because it creates a baggy look which makes your stomach seem bigger.

Accessories can serve as a distraction if you think your outfit is too eye-catching on the tummy area. Necklaces and earrings should draw more attention to the face instead of the stomach. Be careful when wearing a belt because it can sometimes make areas of your stomach protrude, especially if worn too tight.

Put that loose belly under control by wearing a belly wrap, body shaper or girdle. These instant tummy tuckers do a great job at tightening the stomach area without much effort. A belly wrap is known to help shrink post partum belly. Body shapers such as the popular Spanx and girdles help create a slender figure underneath the clothes.

Keeping a good posture is a practice that’s often neglected. Simply straightening the back can instantly make the tummy area look flatter and the overall body look longer. Notice that people with a good posture exude more confidence. A straight posture also promotes proper breathing which gives the abdominal muscles a good workout.

Avoid bloating suspects. Salty foods cause the body to retain extra water which may make the tummy feel fuller. Swallowing too much air also causes boating because the air bubbles get trapped inside the stomach. Chewing gum, carbonated drinks and eating too fast can make you ‘eat’ air so it is best to avoid these culprits.

Regular bowel movement is not only good for the body internally. It also helps keep the stomach flat. The bulk in the intestines caused by constipation adds up to the bloated feeling and makes the body keep more water. To promote regular bowel movement, a good diet and having enough sleep is needed, among others.

What are some other ways of flatten your tummy that works for you?