Choosing a day care facility for your child can seem very stressful. There are a lot of things that a parent needs to consider in order to choose the right day care center for your child. Apart from your child’s readiness to attend school, you also need to make sure that your child is in an environment that is secure and conducive for learning.

It may help if parents will know when the facility has started operating. Although the length of time will not determine its quality, it may be easier for you to locate other parents regarding their experience there. You can also check out some reviews on the internet whether it is favorable or not. Parents also need to check whether the facility is licensed by the appropriate agencies. You can also gather information from these agencies regarding the center’s safety record.

Evaluate the credentials of the staff. It is necessary to check whether the employees are qualified to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR. Aside from that, they should also have undergone trainings on how to handle emergencies and how to administer first aid. The length of time that a staff has been employed in the facility is also useful in determining whether they are happy with the facility’s management. This will ensure that your child will have continuity of care. It may also be good if you consider the child-staff ratio. A good ratio is one staff to four children because it will promote quality interaction.

It is also essential to check the personnel’s attitude towards children. Observe how they would interact with the children. They should listen intently to the children and patiently answer their queries as well. A caring and affectionate staff is also a good sign that your child will be in good hands. Your child may benefit from continuity of care, so it may be good to check if they have a planned care pattern. It takes time to establish trust and your child may feel more at home if he or she has the same set of caregivers.

Safety is a parent’s primary concern. Facilities that don’t have stairs are the safest. Otherwise, stairways should be fenced to prevent accidents. There should also be fire exits that are well marked. Discuss whether evacuation plans are regularly practiced. The facility should also have enough space for appropriate activities during the day. Likewise, it is also important to have a place outside where the children can safely play. It should also have enough materials or toys that can support your child’s learning activities.

Caring for young kids may entail a lot of patience. Thus, it is important to check how the staff disciplines the children. It is important that your philosophy in disciplining children is reflected on their methods. Children should not be subjected to caregivers who raise their voices in anger. It may be advisable that you spend one morning observing your child. Your child should be happy and relaxed in the environment that he is in.

Another aspect to consider is the sanitary measures that the facility has. Children may get infections while spending time in the center. Thus it is important that measures are taken by the staff to prevent the spread of infection. It is also very important that the facility has a nurse to check the children in case of any health concerns.

Parents need to be very careful in choosing the right day care for their children. Aside from costs, it is also very important to consider that your child can have the best possible care in a day care setting.