Holidays can be expensive for families. It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter – they can cost a lot of money. Try using some of these tips for frugal and memorable Easter family fun rather than simply spending money on commercial items.

One thing your family might enjoy is taking a walk outdoors at a park or in your back yard. While you’re enjoying the outdoors, pick up sticks, rocks, or other objects which you can create three-dimensional nature art with. Children will enjoy using sticks to make a mouth or rocks for the eyes. The found objects can also be used in a nature display. Please note it’s important not to take bird nests out of the trees or take wild animals from their habitat.

Dye and decorate Easter eggs together. There are some parts of the process which will require adult supervision but the decorations themselves can be done by the children. See which child can come up with the most unusually decorated eggs.

Spend time together as a family to come up with the menu for a great Easter family meal. Ask everyone who is able to cook to prepare one dish. One person could prepare the meat course, someone else a vegetable dish, someone a salad, and someone else a dessert. Don’t forget to have someone prepare a special beverage for the meal.

Easter is considered a Christian holiday. You may want to attend a local religious observance or spend time as a family learning more about the holiday.

Share what you have with a family in need. This may mean opening your home to invite them to Easter dinner or making Easter baskets to take to the family’s children. If you help a family in need to make their day special, your entire family is more likely to remember the day.

Encourage the children of the family to help make decorations. Use the decorations for your home and if you have extras you can give some to grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other family. You may also want to share some with the family in need so they have something to decorate their home.

Has the family lost a loved one recently? Take a little bit of time out of your Easter Sunday to visit their graves. Specifically talk about your loved ones and remember the good times you had. Your family may decide to make this an annual part of their holiday.

Host a neighborhood Easter egg hunt rather than simply having one for your own family. Ask other families in the neighborhood to help by either purchasing the plastic eggs, providing candy, or providing refreshments for the event. The hunt may become a favorite part of the neighborhood’s celebration of Easter.

These tips for frugal and memorable Easter family fun are by no means the only things you can do. The easiest thing to do would be to ask your family what would make the holiday more memorable for them. Then take the time to make those activities happen.