It used to be that many of us (especially women) felt resistance training was only for body builders or those big stocky guys in the gym. In fact, many of us worry that by adding resistance training to our fitness routine we’ll bulk up or look unattractive.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Resistance training is not only a way to achieve your dream body but to also achieve optimum health.

Here are a few other reasons why resistance training is good for you:

#1 – It builds up bone mass. Doctors and fitness experts agree: resistance training is necessary to keep our bones healthy and strong. This is a particularly important area for women. By adding some resistance training to our exercise routine, we help build our bone mass and delay or avoid the onset of osteoporosis.

And you don’t have to spend hours in the gym to achieve the positive effects of resistance training. Simply adding some push ups and a few other weight-bearing exercises to your routine will make a difference.

#2 – It burns more fat. Pound for pound, you burn more fat when you use resistance training than just cardiovascular exercise alone. While cardio is good for your heart, lungs and body, resistance training will help you tone and strengthen your whole system.

This means that you’ll burn more overall calories by resistance training. You boost your metabolism to the point where you burn calories for several hours post workout. If you want to burn more fat and tone your body, then resistance training is a must.

#3 – It helps reduce cellulite. When you lift weights your muscles grow into the space surrounding them. In order to grow, your muscles need space. This means that any fat currently in the space your muscles need will be dissolved through training and replaced by toned, tight muscles.

This is good news for cellulite sufferers. If fat cells don’t have space to hang around on your thighs, then they’ll melt away. By toning your body with resistance training you can reduce cellulite and even make it disappear altogether.

Resistance training has many benefits. If you’d like to burn more fat, build healthy bones and have a tight, toned body, then you may want to consider adding a few resistance-training exercises to your routine.