Parents have mixed feelings when the time comes for their child to start daycare. One of their biggest concerns is the child’s health. Child daycare is notorious to look after many kids, so germs and diseases have a very high percentage of getting passed along.

Most daycare facilities look after children of different ages ranging from 10 months to 4 years. Those that belong to the younger group may pose a higher risk of catching illnesses simply because their immune system is not strong enough. Exposure to germs may be inevitable in any daycare, so the best way to deal with this is to choose a daycare with less children. A home daycare usually takes in only a handful of children.

Teach your children to wash their hands or use antibacterial wipes before and after eating, using the toilet, or touching something dirty. After all, teaching proper hygiene is best done early on in childhood. A little amount of germs can actually be beneficial to some degree, though, since it may help build a child’s immune system. Still, parents would rather take that risk when the child is in their presence.

Daycare providers normally call up the parents of a child who is sick to be collected early. This is to ensure that the sick child is closely looked after and to prevent the spread of a possibly contagious disease. Is it essential to strengthen a child’s immune system, to prevent him from easily catching a disease. Healthy meals and vitamin supplements can help in maintaining your child’s resistance.

Feeding disruption may occur as a child starts going to daycare. The change in his daily routine and environment may throw him off for days, even weeks. The best way to remedy this is by offering healthy meals as soon as you collect him. As your child gets used to the new schedule, he should also be able to re-gain his appetite. If your day care provider still reports lack of interest during feeding, you may schedule a visit to the doctor, who can recommend solutions.

A daycare center is a great place for your child to get involved with other kids his age. Even some stay at home moms can attest that they send their child to daycare a few days a week, to let their child engage in lively activities and learning sessions. Amidst all the fun and play, some children may run into conflict with one another, which can result to physical injuries. Bites and a few bumps here and there should not be a cause for alarm, unless they look severe – in which case a doctor needs to have a look at the injury. Your daycare provider should be able to give an explanation as to how the child got the battle scars.

Parents have every right to worry about their children’s health while they are away in daycare. But the truth is, health threats in daycare may not be so different from what your child may encounter in public playgrounds, or even at home. As long as you carefully choose a trusted daycare provider, you should not have to worry about leaving your child.