When you think of a child’s safety, there is a need for parents to examine the areas, where children love to spend a lot of their time. Children just love playgrounds, and it is also a good venue for them to release all their extra energy. A playground can be a fun place for kids, but parents need to be on guard because it can also be a place, where potential injuries can occur.

A good number of children are brought to the emergency room each year, for playground-related injuries. Research has shown that around 45% of these injuries are severe. The usual severe injuries are fractures, internal injuries, concussions, dislocations, and even amputations. On public playgrounds, injuries related to climbing equipments are most common, while swings are responsible for most injuries on playgrounds at home.

Parents should then take necessary precautions, so that kids can safely play in these areas. Playground equipments are prone to wear and tear, not only due to heavy use, but also of factors like extreme temperatures, heavy snow, and rainfall. It is then important to determine, if the playground in your area, is periodically checked for any hazards. If regular checks are done, it may help prevent maintenance-related injuries from occurring.

Parents should closely supervise children who are younger than five years old. Parents need to ensure, that the play area is age specific for a child. Children, who are younger than three years old, should never be allowed to use a seesaw. Younger children may have problems with physical coordination, thus they should only use equipments, which are age appropriate. A bucket swing with leg holes can be used for children, who still cannot manage to safely sit on a standard swing. Be certain that the swing seats are made of a soft material, like plastic or rubber.

Playgrounds that have concrete, or hard packed soil or grass, are also not safe for kids. The surface of the playground should be soft, or energy absorbent like sand, wood chips, or shredded rubber. If the playground equipment is made from wood, it should be smooth, and the material should be able to withstand weather changes. A playground should also be spacious, so that kids can easily get off the slide. There should also be enough space for active and quiet play.

It is also essential for parents, to talk to their children regarding playground safety measures. Teach your kids to stay away from the swings, when others are still using them. When going up steps to use slides, children need to be orderly. It is equally important for kids, to quickly exit the landing of the slide to prevent accidents. Supervise your child when around new equipment to prevent injuries.

If the weather is too hot, make sure that the surface area of equipments will not cause burns. It is also essential that you dress your child appropriately for play. Avoid clothes with strings, or with hoods, which may get caught in the equipment. Even jewelries like necklaces, are not safe to use when on playgrounds.

Children look forward to scheduled play times, and they have every right to enjoy their childhood. Although injuries may occur with active play, parents can help prevent these from occurring. After all, children will only be able to enjoy this particular stage once, and parents need to do all they can, so that children will not be deprived of this.