People who have patios often have patio furniture which remains outdoors all year long. Each year they have to clean the furniture before use. These patio furniture cleaning tips you may make the task less of a problem, especially if you have wooden or teak furniture.

Teak patio furniture is popular because of the beauty of the wood. However, because it’s a natural product it does require extra care. Here are some of the items you’ll need to clean your patio furniture:

* Soft bristle brush
* Laundry detergent with bleach
* Teak sealer (optional)
* Teak protector (optional)
* Teak restorer (optional)
* Clear coating (optional)

When you first get your teak furniture, decide whether you want the furniture to remain the color it is when you get it or if you want the furniture to change with exposure to the sun. Some people are adamant about keeping their furniture the original honey color; others like the silver gray patina it gets from being in the sun. Which choice you make regarding your teak patio furniture could greatly affect how you clean it.

Manufacturers generally provide care instructions with every product. This is also true for those building teak or other wooden patio furniture. They may recommend specific cleaners, but you can do just as well by mixing a solution of 2 parts laundry detergent with bleach in 1 part water. Apply this to the wood with a soft bristle brush to help remove any surface dirt.

Thoroughly rinse the teak pieces by spraying them with water to remove leftover suds or any dirt the brush has removed. If you’re satisfied with allowing the teak to develop the gray patina, this is all you’ll need to do to care for your furniture. Otherwise, you’ll want to use the following methods.

You can remove the patina from teak furniture by using a two-step process and returning it to its original finish. This process normally requires you to apply a caustic cleaner and acid which will remove the patina. Be sure to read the instructions with the cleaner to ensure you remain safe. You may also have to lightly sand the piece to fully restore it.

Seal your teak furniture with a sealer specifically developed for it. This sealant will preserve the natural honey color as well as prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Some sealers can even protect it from developing stains when used around food.