You’ve finally decided to either get a motorcycle for yourself or another driver in your family. You want to be sure to be as safe as possible while driving a motorcycle. Here are some motorcycle safety equipment must-haves you’ll want to purchase either before or right after you bring the bike home.

  1. Helmet – Nothing is more important to have for safety than a good quality helmet. Why is a helmet so important? If you’re not wearing one and have an accident, you could either die or be seriously injured. A helmet will protect your brain from injury. Choose the best quality helmet you can afford as an inferior quality helmet isn’t much better than riding without one.
  2. Eyewear – After protecting your head, there’s nothing as important as protecting your eyes. Bug-eye glasses are the preferred choice among serious motorcyclists if their helmet doesn’t have eye protection built in. Eyewear will keep bugs and dust from your eyes as well as small rocks which may fly up from the road.
  3. Jacket – Even though you may think wearing a jacket while riding a motorcycle will make you hot, you’re not wearing it only for comfort. You’re also wearing it for protection for your inner layer of clothing and by providing extra support in the elbows, shoulders and arm. A reflective jacket would be even better than one which is simply leather, as it will allow other drivers to see you in dark or inclement weather.
  4. Gloves – Again, these are worn to protect your hands while riding. They also provide extra warmth if needed.
  5. Boots – While you can wear a pair of tennis shoes while riding, the best footwear to use is a good quality pair of boots. These will protect your feet, and if they come up your leg far enough, your shins.
  6. Saddlebags – Let’s face it, if you’re on a bike there’s not much area for carrying items. The saddlebags can be filled equally which will help stabilize the bike as well as giving you someplace to store needed items. You could use a backpack when riding your bike, but it may affect your stability because they can swing around – thus moving your center of gravity.
  7. First aid kit – Any vehicle, motorcycle or not, should have a basic first aid kit. A basic kit is small enough to be kept in one of the saddlebags. First aid kits are inexpensive but can be indispensible for treating injuries.

The above list contains the basic motorcycle safety equipment must-haves which anyone who owns and rides a motorcycle would want to have available to them. When you’re looking at motorcycles and trying to decide whether or not to purchase one, don’t forget to include the cost of these safety items in the price. Once you’re all decked out in your motorcycle safety equipment, hit the open road and enjoy yourself!