Pregnancy and fashion don’t often come up in the same sentence. The same thing seems to go in the real world. A baby bump can be hard to work around with using only your ordinary clothes. A woman’s body gets at least one size bigger during pregnancy, including the feet. It would be nice to have the fashion sense of Heidi Klum while she was pregnant but not everyone can have her maternity wardrobe.

While it seems like an easy solution to wear your husband’s clothes, it’s not suggested because you can’t go out of the house in them. Every woman has her own personal style and it’s important to let it shine through even while your body is transforming. Here are some useful maternity wardrobe tricks you can try to get the most out of your clothes.

1. Bra extender. Purchasing new bras to accommodate your new curves can be costly and every woman knows how hard it is to find a great fitting bra. Besides, you’d most likely be switching to nursing bras or your old bra size after delivery. A great way to still be able to use your existing bras during pregnancy is to use a bra extender. A bra extender basically adds more hooks to the back of your bra, thereby increasing its size without having to buy a new one. Your breasts won’t really increase that much in size until the milk comes in when your child is born. Bra extenders are washable and can be used on any standard bra design.

2. Pant extender. Don’t put your favorite jeans away just yet. Pant extenders can be used to still be able to use them until around the second trimester of your pregnancy. There are various clever pant extender designs that can be bought but you can also make one yourself. To make one, simply attach a button on a small ring of garter like a hair elastic. Attach the elastic to the existing button on your favorite pants and insert the ‘new button’ into the buttonhole. This should add a couple of inches to your pant’s waistband.

3. Buy basics. Basic colors like white, brown, black and gray can be mixed an matched with mostly anything. Try to stick to these colors hen buying maternity clothes, particularly pants so you can play with the season’s colors for your tops. Aside from choosing basic colors, it’s also important to select basic designs. Opt for mini-dress type tops instead of full length dresses so you can still use them even after your pregnancy while you are getting back in shape. Look for dual purpose items like a maternity top that can later be used as nursing top and a cropped jacket that can be worn over your different looks.

4. Plus size clothing. The maternity clothes department may not be appealing for some people. If pastel colors and empire cut designs are not your thing, you have the option to go to the plus size section of your favorite brand of clothes. There you would most likely find a design you like. But just the same, try to stick to basic colors and designs to maximize your wardrobe. Do not buy clothes in advance though, because you’ll never know how much size you will gain along the way.

5. Layering. To keep your belly covered under your seemingly shorter tops, the secret is layering. Fitted long tees and tank tops can cover your exposed belly and unbuttoned pants. Wear them under your ordinary tops but make sure the colors match or are complementary. Printed over plain designs and vice-versa also work great. Try not to layer heavy fabrics together such as wool or fleece. In the summer, you can make use of your tube top instead.

Fashion know-how even during pregnancy is important so you can continue to feel confident about yourself and at the same time save money on expensive maternity clothing.