It is every woman’s wish to lose all the excess pregnancy pounds after delivery of the baby. However losing weight can be difficult, especially with the added responsibility of taking care of a baby. While others are lucky to shed off some pounds right away, some women may find themselves still struggling to lose weight, even after some time after giving birth.

Some women who are resolved to lose weight may even enroll in fitness programs. Although this is a good step in tackling weight issues, it can be hard to stay motivated. Sometimes results may come slowly and gradually, and it can affect one’s resolve to lose weight.

A lot of individuals drop out from their fitness programs for varied reasons. One way to stay motivated is to set realistic goals. As much as a lot of women would like to lose weight quickly, the fact remains that it will take some time. Try to come up with short term goals that you can accomplish in a week. You can either increase the length of time you spend doing your workout. Whatever goals you set, it has to be achievable in a week, in order for you to feel a sense of accomplishment. Setting unrealistic goals can only frustrate you, and it can make you feel that you haven’t achieved anything after all the hard work.

A good slow start is always best. Some women may want to lose weight so abruptly that they start their program with a bang. Although having that firm resolve is good, your motivation may wane if you can’t keep up with the pace that you started with. Do not attempt to exercise to the point of overexertion because it may only lead to pain or injury.

Some people may find it hard to stay motivated if they are so bored with their exercise routine. Other people may even rationalize excuses just to skip an exercise schedule. Try to modify your exercise routine so that your will not be bored in doing it. If your workout in the gym bores you, try to modify your routine. Try using other exercise machines, or you can sign up for aerobics and other related classes. You can also do a lot of physical activity even when you are out of the gym. Try to modify your usual daily activities in such a way that it will involve some forms of exercise. You can take your child for stroller walks, take stairs instead of elevators, or you can walk to a nearby destination.

It may also help if you keep an exercise record. This should include your goals, the physical activity that you did for the week, and the weight loss that you have achieved so far. Keeping track of your progress will help you work towards achieving your goals. Seek support from family members or friends. Sometimes it helps if you know another person doing the same program. You can both boost each other’s morale, when you are not feeling motivated to stick to the program.

Trying to lose weight can be a long process, and women should never be too hard on themselves. If you have successfully managed to lose some pounds, go ahead and reward yourself. You can purchase new walking shoes, or you can reward yourself with a new top. Setting goals and rewarding yourself after, can help keep you motivated. Weight gain during pregnancy is normal, and although it may be hard to lose the pregnancy weight, it is but a small price to pay for a lifetime of joy that motherhood brings.