Brightly colored baby clothes are always at risk of getting ruined by stains and dirt. Babies can spill milk or have a diaper mess anytime. Careless washing and everyday wear and tear can cause fading and depreciates the appearance of the clothes. If you want your baby to get the most wear out of her clothes, follow these smart laundry tips.

1.       Mind the detergent – The cleaning agents in detergent can break down and degrade fabric. Whether you’re using mild detergent or a regular one, be sure to check the label to know how much to put in your load. Too much detergent may leave traces of harsh chemicals on clothes that can irritate sensitive baby skin. Too little detergent, on the other hand, may not do the job of cleaning the clothes that you’d have to re-do the laundry. Using good quality detergent counts.

2.       No bleach – Bleach contains chlorine, strong chemical that degrades clothes quickly. It can fade colored fabrics and damage cloth fibers. When washing baby clothes, try to stay away from bleach unless you will be washing soiled all-whites, or use chlorine-free bleach instead.

3.       Pre-soak and pre-treat – Do not wait until laundry day to treat soiled clothing. It’s a lot easier to remove stains when they’re treated right away. There are many commercial stain treatments available. Just be sure to rinse the clothing completely to remove all traces of the chemical treatment. If for some reason you cannot pre-treat, at least run cold water on the problem spot or soak the piece of clothing in soapy water. Doing so should loosen the stain for easier removal later on.

4.       Wash clothes inside-out – Agitation of the clothes in the washing machine may cause damage to prints and little details like appliqués and buttons. It also causes fabric piling (formation of little balls). Turning the clothes inside-out before placing them in the washer will help minimize friction between clothing designs. Just as well, zip up zippers, secure buttons, hooks and drawstrings to avoid clothes from snagging. It also helps to use gentle cycle to minimize damage.

5.       Follow a laundry schedule – Milk and food stains left too long on clothes can cultivate bacteria and damp clothes can grow molds. Before you know it, you are left with more stains to treat. It’s a good practice to follow a laundry schedule, not more than 3 days apart. Always wash heavily soiled clothes immediately to prevent the stain from drying up.

6.       Use a delicate laundry bag – Use a laundry mesh bag or simply a pillowcase for delicate baby clothes. Place the clothing articles inside the bag and tie it up before putting it in the washer. This prevents the clothes from getting caught up with the others in the machine, especially when you wash your baby’s clothes together with yours.

Although baby clothes aren’t used for too long (babies grow so fast), it’s still important to provide crisp looking clothes for your child. If not as an indication of good parenting, it reflects your family’s hygiene.