More people are finding the art of knitting to be therapeutic. Traditionally a females-only activity, many men are now discovering the benefits of knitting. Knitting need not be gender-specific. Here are some of the positive effects of knitting.

Mental Wellbeing

Knitting requires more concentration when you are learning, but once you get the hang of it, it has a meditative effect. As your hands move together in a rhythmic way, you may find your breathing following suit, becoming regular and slow. The activity of knitting focuses your mind just enough to distract it from troublesome anxiety, but not so much that your mind can’t wander a bit.


Knitters may find it therapeutic to work out their negative feelings with the knitting action of their hands. Then they can see their emotions “translated” into a lovely work of yarn. Positive feelings can find a voice in knitting, too. Warm and loving thoughts can almost be “felt” in the fabric of a blanket, scarf, or other item. It’s a way to share.

Many knitters carry their work with them in a knitting bag so that they can reach for it at any idle moment. This is an excellent therapy for those who get impatient with long waits. Instead of letting anger and frustration grow during the hours your flight is delayed or the long minutes when your restaurant table is still not ready, you can calmly work on your knitting. You may come to look forward to long waits and see them as an opportunity to get a project started or finished.

Something to Show for It

Unlike other forms of therapy, knitting leaves you with a useful and beautiful item. You can give it away to an appreciative recipient, and the accolades will bring a sense of affirmation and accomplishment. Who wouldn’t love a home-made sweater, hat, scarf, or pair of socks? Even knitting a square dishcloth, towel, or oven mitt can be meet the needs of you or someone you love.


Knitting gives the hands something to do. This helps prevent unhealthy habits. Knitters find that watching television while knitting keeps them from grabbing the usual snack. Even smokers can reduce or quit their habit by occupying their fingers with needles and yarn rather than tobacco products.

Nervous tension and stress can be greatly reduced by knitting, which is good for cardiovascular health. Knitting can, in fact, reduce your heart rate.