Kiddie parties are fun and entertaining for children. Colorful decorations and exciting games contribute to the merry party atmosphere. But underneath all the enjoyment, parents worry about their kids safety. Having many kids together in one area is a recipe for an accident.

It’s normal for parents to feel protective of children, whether a child is the celebrant or a party guest. So, the next time you plan a children’s party, consider these safety tips for a worry-free event:

1. Decorations. Party decorations, especially balloons, can be dangerous. The stretchy skin of balloons can instantly burst when it comes in contact with sharp objects or too much heat. Avoid accidental balloon bursting by filling the balloons with a little less air, if possible, so as not to over-stretch the material. Opt for balloons on sticks instead of helium balloons because floating balloons can be tricky to control.

2. Food. Keep knives and other sharp utensils away from children’s reach.You never know where their little hands will wander next. Make sure table skirtings are secure to prevent small children from pulling them down. Prepare children’s food in ready-to-serve packs for easier distribution and lesser food accidents. Skip foods that need to be served hot like soup. If you must use a barbecue stick on hotdogs for example, be sure to snap off the sharp end or use a chopstick instead.

3. Venue. Indoor parties are just as risky as outdoor parties. When hosting a party indoors, choose a big room to provide more activity space. Temporarily move fragile items like vases and lock other rooms you don’t want the children going into. Place wires like that of an extension cord out of the way to avoid children from tripping.

When planning an outdoor party, take into consideration the weather forecast. Children should not be exposed to too much heat or cold, lest they might get sick. Schedule the party on a child-friendly time such as mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Keep the party crowd away from fruit bearing trees if it’s harvest season. Those fruits can act as falling head bombs. Designate an adult to watch over the kids, especially for pool parties.

4. Other kids. Provide friendly activities like face painting to keep the children from running around. Choose less physical games such as relay games over tug-of-war, for example. Promote game sportsmanship by providing consolation prizes. When you notice that a kid conflict is about to happen, step in the middle to help resolve it. Kiddie parties are not free daycare but a party host is expected to look after the guests up to some degree.

5. Security. Never allow the children to wander outside the party area. Secure areas like the kitchen and the garage to prevent small children from entering. Provide name tags for every guest that arrives (including parents or guardians), to easily monitor if there is a party crasher. Have other parents list their contact numbers when dropping off their children. It’s important to have their phone number on hand in case you need it. Have a first aid kit ready in the event that something unwanted does happen.

It’s easy to forget about safety precautions when planning a children’s party. But it is never too late to follow these tips for a worry-free celebration.