Hurricanes can be fierce and unpredictable so it’s important for families to be prepared for their safety. The hurricane season falls between the months of June and November for the Atlantic, while it starts a month earlier in the Pacific rim.

Families caught in the middle of a hurricane’s path must keep themselves updated by watching the news or checking weather updates online. Storms and cyclones constantly change their course and intensity. It’s important to know where the hurricane is expected to inflict damage so families can decide whether they need to evacuate or not.

Even before the hurricane reaches land, families can start protecting their homes by using storm shutters or covering the windows with boards to avoid wind gusts. Pets can be brought indoors or in the garage for their safety. It’s also a good idea to bring outdoor furniture indoors to prevent damage.

The head of the family can map out an evacuation plan as soon as a storm warning is issued. In that event, the cars must have enough gas to make sure the family gets to their destination safely. Emergency phone numbers and relatives’ numbers in the area must also be within reach. Shelter is important during a hurricane, so evacuation must be done before its landfall to avoid getting stranded on the road.

Having an emergency kit is essential in times of calamity. Important items to include in an emergency kit are flashlights, battery-operated radio, batteries, dry clothes, blanket, clean drinking water, first aid kit and food that don’t need cooking such as canned food. An emergency kit should last a family’s consumption for at least three days to ensure enough supply in case of a serious disaster like flooding.

Those who decide to stay home can take shelter in a room with the least number of windows. Strong winds may cause debris to shatter windows and bring in rain water, so this is very important especially if there’s a baby in the family. If the electricity gets disrupted, the main power switch must be turned off to prevent any appliances from getting damaged in case of a power surge.

Hurricane safety is second nature to parents who experience violent weather year after year. But since the weather is changing, hurricanes may just happen in unexpected places. So it is best to be ready in case one decides to ‘rain’-drop by.