Teenagers are steps away from being adults so they often think they should do the same things adults do. Unfortunately, teens don’t always use the best judgment. They want to throw a party, just for the fun or it or to coincide with activities at school. As a parent you want your teen to enjoy themselves, but do they know how to throw a teen party without alcohol?

Teens often see having parties as a means to gain respect or become popular. If you can plan the party while the parents are out of the house, it’s even better. They think if they can invite a bunch of friends over without adult supervision, they’ll be as good as gold.

If you’re concerned about your teen having a party at your home, here are some ideas you may want to consider.

  • Help your teen plan the party. Helping them plan it will ensure they know what you expect the house to look like when it’s over. You will also be able to discuss with them the importance of not allowing alcohol at the party.
  • Set some ground rules for the party. These will likely include no alcohol, no drugs, couples are not allowed to go off into rooms alone, the music needs to remain at a decent level so the neighbors don’t call the police, and everyone has to be out of the house at a specific time. You may suggest they ask one friend to spend the night so they can help clean up the mess that’s sure to happen.
  • If you already have alcohol in your home, you can remove it, hide it, or put it under lock and key. Teens can be resourceful if they want something bad enough, so removing it from the premises or hiding it where they’d never look are probably your best bets.
  • Teach your teen to make some non-alcoholic mixed drinks which will be fun, taste great, and be healthier for them than alcoholic beverages.
  • If you’re not comfortable leaving your home entirely during the party, you may want to discuss staying in your room or another part of the house while the party is going on. This will give you the ability to keep an eye on the house and the guests without their knowing you’re home.
  • Plan to provide plenty of food for your teen’s party guests. Teens can really put the food away, so you’ll probably want to double what you think will be enough, and then add more on top of that! Providing plenty of other non-alcoholic beverages such as juice, soft drinks, and bottled water is also important. If the guests are full and their thirst is satisfied, they won’t even miss an alcoholic drink.
  • When your teen sends out invitations, it is a good idea to state that alcohol will not be served and it will not be allowed on the premises. If someone tries to sneak in something they shouldn’t, let your teen know it’s perfectly alright if they ask that guest to leave.

It is possible for a teen to have a safe party at your home. Learning how to throw a teen party without alcohol will give them the popularity boost they need. Keeping alcohol out of the equation will ensure the guests all return home unharmed.