Fancy dinners and exquisite flower arrangements have been part of many Mother’s Day celebrations for decades. But if you want to steer away from the norm and make this year’s celebration extra special, perhaps it’s time to give your loved one that long overdue surprise party. If she has chosen to celebrate your kids’ birthdays and other special occasions but chose not to make a fuss of her own birthday, a surprise party is definitely a fitting tribute to her on Mother’s Day.

The Guests

If you are cutting down on expenses, you don’t really have to go overboard with the cost of the party. The idea is to just get family and some close friends for a small gathering in her honor. List down people that you want to invite and trim that list to a number that you can manage. When throwing a party, invite just enough guests so that you can also enjoy the party without having to worry if your appetizers have run out, or if you need to grab more drinks from a nearby store.

If you have decided on the number of guests to invite, give those prospective guests a call. Mother’s day is such a widely celebrated occasion that many people make plans early on. If your guests have made prior arrangements, consider hosting the surprise party the night before Mother’s Day so that the people dear to your wife can join in on the fun. If not, keep the party time short on Mother’s Day so that your guests can still attend despite having other plans.

Preparing Your Home

During the day of the party, you need to have a very good excuse so that you can get your wife out of your home for the preparation. Come up with a very good excuse so that she can’t refuse to leave your house.  Any mom would love to have even just a few carefree hours for herself. But if you want to take the surprise a notch higher, you can give her a gift certificate to a spa just to set her mind that it is already your Mother’s Day present.  She will have the surprise of her life if she finds out you have other plans in store for her when she gets home. Let your kids help by allowing them to add their personal touch to the party. A homemade and personalized mother’s day banner is more priceless than what you can easily buy from any store.

The Food

If you prepare food ahead of time, ask the help of other family members so that you can still preserve the element of surprise.  Keep the menu simple so that you still have plenty of energy left for hosting the party. Finger foods are the way to go if you host the party in the middle of the afternoon. Mini sandwiches, pizza squares, a fresh fruit platter, and other easy to prepare dishes are wise choices. Don’t feel guilty if you have to cheat and order some of the food for the party because you certainly can’t do everything by yourself especially if you have very limited time, and if you have kids to take care of. It may even be good to consider a barbecue party because it’s easier to pull off.

But despite the many extravagant preparations that are associated with Mother’s Day, we should not forget that the most precious presents are those that come from the heart. Make your loved one feel that you appreciate her for the blessing that she is to your family. What are your plans for Mother’s Day? What was the best surprise that you prepared for your wife on Mother’s Day?