If you think that fun birthday parties are synonymous to big bucks, think again. With careful planning, you can actually throw a fabulous birthday party without breaking the bank. First you need to decide on the number of guests that you will be inviting. You may have to limit the number of visitors depending on your budget, as well as your chosen venue. If you don’t have adequate space at home, you can opt to have the party outdoors should the weather permit. Paying for a party venue can be pricey, but if you really don’t have any other option, you can check out the rates of your community center or your local church because they may charge the least.

You also need to decide on a theme and create a list on the items that you will need in order to pull it off. Themed parties don’t have to be costly and you can definitely save money if you just let your creativity flow. Blow up your own balloons, and use the internet to look for printable invitations, party banners, decorations and other crafts that can be used for the party. If you just take the time to search, you will be surprised with what you can find. You can even find an entire selection of themed party paraphernalia online, at absolutely no cost. If you don’t want to print your own invitations, you can choose to have e-vites instead. Aside from being absolutely free, online invitations are easier to send, and keeping track of your guest list is also easier.

The internet also contains lots of very helpful information regarding DIY projects such as making your own cupcake stand, goodie bags, or even souvenirs. Gather ideas from others, and decide on achievable projects that can be used for your child’s party. The time factor is a big money saving strategy so make good use of it by looking around for great bargains, and doing achievable projects at home.

For party utensils, you can save by mixing themed plates and cups with plain ones that will still match the dominant colors of your theme. If you are cutting costs, you may even opt not to give goodie bags because even though they are nice to have, they are absolutely not necessary. You can instead set aside a smaller budget on game prizes. Since not everybody gets to win a prize, you end up saving more money. Don’t be afraid if you are not sticking with the norm because these party staples do not guarantee a fun and memorable party. In the end, it’s really all about the company.

The duration of the party will also have a big impact on your budget.  If your party hours are too long, you may need to prepare more food. A two hour party is ideal because children have very short attention spans, and keeping them too long may only wear them out. Hosting the party in the afternoon is also more economical because you will only prepare snacks. When planning the menu, choose foods that can be prepared ahead or those that will require a minimal amount of preparation time. You can save by purchasing ingredients by the bulk, or by using coupons.

You can also reduce costs by baking your own cake. If you aren’t too skilled at cake decorating, make cupcakes instead. Frosting cupcakes is definitely more manageable because you can hide the flaws with colorful sprinkles or even printable cupcake toppers. Bear in mind that throwing a memorable party doesn’t have to be expensive. If you just maximize your skills and the materials that you already have on hand, you can greatly reduce party costs. Do you have any party saving tips that you can share?