It’s surprising how quickly baby stuff accumulates over a short period of time. One day you’ll just find yourself neck-deep in baby items, some of which have not even been used! Selling baby’s stuff online is a convenient way to convert nursery clutter into cash.

Second-hand baby items turn over fast for practical reasons. Babies outgrow their belongings as fast as their diaper sizes change. So, get your camera and computer ready for an online yard sale. Here are some strategies for a successful sale:

  1. Take good pictures. Online merchandise can only be showcased using photos. Since you are selling a used item, buyers will want to see its actual condition. When taking pictures, make sure there is enough light (daylight or photographic flash). Try to capture the subject in different angles, and take a close up shot of any flaws. Providing several clear pictures of the items will give potential buyers more confidence in purchasing.
  2. Write a detailed description. Good product photos are nothing without a good sales pitch. You don’t have to write a catalogue-worthy description. Just keep in mind that buyers may want to know more information, so save them the time of having to ask for it. Aside from providing the basics such as the size, brand and any flaw, try to indicate the length of use, cleaning tips (for soiled items) and comparisons with other similar items.
  3. Group items together. Dispose baby items like toys and clothing faster by selling them in bulk. Baby items can be sold in groups categorized by gender or size. Buyers looking to purchase many items will more likely go for the bundled items to save on shipping. You can also create themes, like ‘jungle boy’ or ‘pink princess’ for different items with similar design or color.
  4. Identify the money makers. Look for items that you think will sell for a higher price. Never-used items, unique finds and branded ones can fetch more money. If you are unsure, make a quick survey of online shops selling similar products, check current pricing and go from there. You can sell them by piece or distribute them in your bulk groups to attract buyers.
  5. Pick a search-friendly title. People looking to buy online mostly use a search tool to find what they are looking for. Try to be more specific and descriptive when creating a listing title. Instead of putting ‘used baby clothes’, try ‘newborn baby boy clothes in excellent used condition’. Think of the keywords you’ll probably use when searching for your items and use them on your title.
  6. Offer low shipping. Shipping fee is dependent on the weight and size of your package. So, to be able to offer low shipping, you have to pack items neatly. Try to fit the stuff in a flat rate box or use recycled boxes so you don’t have to spend on them. Bubble wraps and fillers shouldn’t add to shipping costs either, so use recycled ones as well. Offer pick up options for bigger items such as cribs and strollers.

Selling baby’s stuff online is as exciting as it is rewarding for your pocket. You can use your earnings to buy a new toy for your little one or put it towards your child’s savings.