Easter Sunday is a day of celebration. It marks the day of resurrection of the Lord and the beginning of spring. Easter Sunday is not complete without the famous tradition of egg hunting. Treat the kids to a hopping holiday by being the Easter bunny! Here are the steps on how to organize an Easter egg hunt:


  1. Send invitations. Send text messages and Facebook invites to the parents of the kids you wish to invite. It’s up to you if you want to keep the event family-only or otherwise. Sending them out at least a week ahead of time is most appropriate.
  2. Decorate. Fill the hunting area with pastel-colored designs like balloons, paper bunny cutouts, colorful eggs and banners. Set perimeter boundaries using ribbons to keep the children from exploring in restricted areas.
  3. Prep the eggs. If you are using real eggs, decorate them using food coloring and water-based colored pens. Make sure the eggs are hardboiled before creating your art. Plastic eggs can be filled with candies, chocolates, coins (up to a quarter per egg or depending on your budget), gift certificates, small toys and coupons to be exchanged for bigger prizes like a plush bunny or a wrapped gift. Another good idea is to get 2 colors of plastic eggs. Put age-appropriate treats on each color, like chocolates and quarters on green eggs for ages 3 and up, then sugar-free candy and dimes on pink eggs for kids below 3. Set the game rules on hunting day (see hunting day tip#3).
  4. Make baskets. Have some baskets or bags ready for the children to put found eggs in. Decorate them with straw for that real nest look – you can use real straw, plastic straw or shredded paper.
  5. Count the loot. Allot at least 5 eggs per child for the game. Keep count of all the eggs you hid. Better yet, create a map of the play area and mark the hiding places with numbers (of how many eggs you hid). You don’t want to wake up the next day with the smell of rotten eggs or ants lining up for those melted chocolates.

Hunting Day

  1. Delegate tasks. Ask other parents to help out in last minute preparations. Have somebody, a teenager perhaps, to man the audio system—playing music and manning the microphone. Assign older kids to watch and assist younger ones in retrieving eggs.
  2. Serve snacks. Set up a snack bar – put some finger food and refreshments on a table decorated with Easter-themed design. Baby carrots, deviled eggs, bunny-shaped cookies, marshmallow peeps and chocolate eggs are some snacks you can serve to stay on the theme.
  3. Set the rules. If you have a large group, it will be a good idea to set some rules. This will give the players equal opportunities to win. For example, limit the number of eggs a child can keep or divide the hunters by age group and use color-coded eggs (see preparation tip#3). Let your emcee discuss the rules before starting the game.
  4. More games. If you have plenty of time, you can squeeze more games before and after the main event. Allow kids and their parents to participate to make it more exciting. Some good games are: Egg toss (passing a raw egg to each other, each player taking one step backwards, until only one pair is left with an intact egg), egg relay (a player holds an egg with a spoon in his mouth, walks around a chair and then going back to give the egg to his team mate, first group to finish without breaking the egg wins),  and egg peeling contest (boil some eggs for players to peel, the first one to finish peeling wins, and you get to make an egg salad afterwards).
  5. Photo booth. Make your event memorable. Set up a small photo booth on one corner where your guests can take a souvenir photo using their cameras or yours. A nice backdrop and some balloons will do.

To ensure the success of the event, take extra precautions towards child safety. Make sure the trinkets you place inside plastic eggs are free from choking hazards. Limit sweets for younger children or use sugar-free candy instead. Also, keep an eye on small children wandering in off-limits areas like the pool or garage.

For sure, this will be one of those Easter memories every kid will remember when they grow older, so enjoy and have fun!