After the birth of your baby, you may find yourself with so little time to attend to other things. The first few weeks after the birth of your baby can be demanding, and you may find yourself wishing that your maternity leave will not end, so you can have more time to cope. When you try to evaluate the time you spend on newborn care, you may be surprised that the activities you do for your baby, will take up majority of your time.

It is expected that while the baby adjusts to the outside world, many new parents are also struggling to cope with the demands of parenthood. And although it may take some time to let your baby have a routine, things will always get better after a while. By using your maternity leave wisely, it may allow you to properly handle all your responsibilities at work and at home.

Going back to work after the delivery of your baby may require great adjustments. Thus it is best that you prepare ahead, and plan out carefully strategies that will make the transition easier. Before you prepare anything else, deal with your own emotions. Going back to work, may bring about guilt feelings for a new mother. Have the proper mindset so you can effectively handle these emotions. After all, you are only doing what is best for your family’s future.

It is advisable that you look for dependable child care long before your maternity leave ends. Making arrangements for child care can be time consuming, especially if you need to go around in your area to look for child care facilities, or if you need to interview people, who are possible caregivers for your baby. Trust your instincts, and always put your baby’s safety a top priority.

If you have other family members who are offering to help with child care, then it will definitely make things better for you. It may also help if you make back-up plans during instances, when your babysitter cannot make it to work. Planning for unexpected circumstances will allow you to handle your responsibilities better.

If you are used to spending extra time at the office, it may be best that you talk with your employer, so you can make the necessary adjustments with your schedule. Check your options because some employers consider flexible hours for working mothers. Choose a schedule that is most convenient for you, so that you don’t have to rush all the time to get to work.

Many mothers, who choose to breastfeed, may worry if working will hinder their resolve to continue with breastfeeding. If you decide to continue, prepare ahead for the essential things like a breast pump, milk containers, breast pads, and other necessary things, which will make breastfeeding more convenient. A good way to have adequate milk supply for your baby is to pump during your time off. This will ensure that you can have enough milk for your baby, while you are away working. If you are having problems with breastfeeding when you get back to work, you can consult a lactation specialist to help you.

When you are back at work, try to limit after work activities which are not really necessary. By prioritizing your activities, you can avoid burnout, and more importantly devote more time with your baby. Being a working mom can be tough, but if you are able to plan ahead the things that you need to do before you get back to work, it will definitely allow you to be efficient in the office, and at the same time keep up with the demands of motherhood.