Mother’s day is just around the corner. Preparations are already evident through the many stores that offer great savings on possible gifts for moms. Flower shops are also bustling with activity in preparation for the said occasion. But do you really want to go traditional by buying her a present this year? If not, there are other ways on how you can make Mother’s day extra special.

With recession in our midst, it helps to know that aside from material presents, there are still things that you can do to celebrate Mother’s Day. Get your kids’ ideas on what you can do to make the day more memorable. If you just explore your children’s creative minds, you may be surprised at how they can come up with one of a kind surprises.

Perhaps it is the best time to return the effort of making breakfast in the morning. Have your kids make an invitation card complete with the agreed menu for breakfast on Mother’s day. Tell your kids to give the invitation the moment their mom wakes up. Assign a particular activity for the kids beforehand, so they will know what to do on that particular day.

You can pull this off by careful planning and through early preparation. You also need to make sure that your plans will not be divulged by ecstatic kids, who are more than willing accomplices to a surprise. If your wife wakes up at a specific time, make an effort by getting up earlier to prepare the food.

If she wakes up while things are not yet ready, have the kids entertain her for awhile. Allow her to come to the kitchen only when everything is prepared. It really doesn’t make a lot of difference if she finds out about the surprise, when everybody is still busy preparing for it. What really matters is that she sees the collective effort of the family in making the day exceptionally special.

If you feel like going out on Mother’s day, maybe it is the best time to plan her day filled with activities to her liking. Without her knowledge, agree with your kids on the different places that she wants to visit nearby. With her busy schedule, there are certainly places that she wants to go if she only has the luxury of time.

Surprise her with a full day’s itinerary on Mother’s day. With trips to a spa or a salon included in your plan, surely she can’t resist having some time to herself while you care for the kids. Bear in mind that you don’t really have to be too fancy for her to appreciate your effort. Most moms can easily be pleased by just having time to do things for themselves.

If you choose to forego surprises, you can allow her to make the itinerary herself. Give her the liberty to plan out where she wants to go. Sometimes moms can be so busy caring for others that they take for granted things that they should do for themselves. Mother’s day is the best time to give her time off from the tasks that she routinely does.

Mother’s Day is a special day that serves to remind us of the significant roles that mothers play in the lives of many. Through a mother’s unconditional love, we are given a clear example of what love should be. Show her every single day that she is appreciated and loved because of the wonderful person that she is to everyone.