If you’re like most Americans, you love your country. You can show your patriotism by flying the Stars and Stripes during major holidays. You can also decorate your home with red, white and blue decorations. Learn how to make a decorative 4th of July string of stars garland so everyone knows how patriotic you are.

There are several ways to make these decorations and many places you can hang them once they’re made. Here is an idea you may want to try.

You may want to get your children to help you. It’s possible they’ve made something similar to this while in school, so they’re probably old hands at it. If your children are ‘crafty’ at all, they’ll jump at the chance to make these decorations.

Gather together the following items:

  • Red, white and blue construction paper
  • Heavy-duty string or yarn in one of the patriotic colors
  • School or craft glue
  • Star template
  • Glitter or stickers
  • Hole punch

Find or make star templates in several different sizes. Crafts magazines and the internet are good places to find templates. When you have a couple of different sizes of stars, trace around the templates on the different-colored construction paper.

Cut the stars out and place them in stacks of the same color and size. Punch a single hole in each star. Your children can help you decorate the stars by putting patriotic stickers on them. They can also spread school glue over the stars and then sprinkle glitter on them. Let the decorated stars dry completely before stringing them.

When the stars are dry, take one star (all the same size or of differing sizes) from the various colors – making sure to alternate them in red, white and blue – and put them on the string. You can either tie the string which will anchor the star in one place or allow the stars to float freely along the string. Either way, you’ll want to place enough stars on the string to stretch from one area to the next. Tape the garland on one wall or porch post and then stretch it across to the next. If the stars are floating freely, spread them out as evenly as possible.

It’s not hard learning how to make a decorative 4th of July string of stars garland. Your children may even be able to make them entirely on their own. Consider the abilities of your child and give them help if they need it. Then be sure to hang your stars garland with pride both for the country and for your children’s crafting abilities.