Pressure from family, peers and the general public can largely affect the choices and decisions teens make. Many factors may drive a teen to veer toward risky behaviors which include rebellion, underage drinking, promiscuity and using illegal drugs. It’s the role of the parents to seriously guide their child on the right path to independence and maturity. Here are some tips to keep your teen away from risky behavior.

1.       Keep your teenager busy. An idle mind is the playground of the devil. Give your teenage kid a reason to be busy. Encourage sport activities or enroll your child in talent development classes such as dancing or piano lessons. You may also get your teen involved in church volunteer work or help out with family chores. Organized activities will keep your teen’s schedule full that there wouldn’t be time to get into risky business.

2.       Establish fair house rules. Teenagers need to understand that there are limits to their actions. This discipline can be practiced at home by having house rules. But with teenagers’ rebellious tendencies, it’s only appropriate to create fair house rules. Ask for your child’s input when creating the rules to eliminate possible causes for argument.

3.       Support your child’s interests. The teenage years is about finding one’s identity. You may find your teen transforming into different looks or changing musical preferences. Support your child’s interests through the identity crisis as long as they’re harmless. It’s better than criticism, and it will prevent your teenager from pursuing his interests behind your back.

4.       Shower with attention. A child’s rebellious behavior may be rooted from attention deficit. Your teenager may seem independent, but it’s still important to spend quality time together. A secure and confident teen don’t need to try to fit in to the crowd; there won’t be any reason to venture into risky acts for him to feel accepted.

5.       Have an open relationship. Be your child’s best friend. Talk to your child about his problems and share some of your own. Let him know that you are there to listen and to give advice when he needs it. Having an open communication will save you from worrying or wondering what’s going on in your teen’s head. It also gives you the opportunity to talk him out of risky behavior.

6.       Be a good role model. Probably the best way to keep your child out of rebellious behavior is to be a good influence. There’s no need to tell your child about your exciting teenage years when it involves risky behavior. It could only spark more interest. Setting good practices at home like living healthy and being positive will get your teen’s mind out of trying the opposite.

Your experience of going through the teenage years arms you the wisdom to help guide the new teen generation through their trying years. If you suspect or find your teenage child getting into risky behavior, be calm and talk to him about it. Anything excessive may require professional consultation.