Children who excel academically don’t just rely on their genes to help them go through school in a breeze. It’s really more about the training that parents instill in kids at an early age. But helping kids do well in their studies should never be all about just what they learn from school, or from a formal learning institution.

For children to do well in school, parents should already teach them the skills needed to handle schoolwork. In encouraging kids to develop essential study habits, it is best to remember that children are unique individuals. A particular learning strategy may work well for one child, but it may not be too effective for others.

Some kids may learn best by listening to a lecture, while others can vividly remember details only when they are able to see visual images. Identify a strategy that is most effective for your child, and provide necessary materials for successful studying to take place. For visual learners, you can provide picture books and illustrations that can help them better remember certain concepts. Provide plenty of writing materials for kids who need to write down notes when studying.

Parents should also focus in developing the right attitude in kids. The attitude of children towards learning can greatly be influenced by how they are taught at an early age. With short attention spans, you can never expect them to study for a prolonged period of time. But with a child’s curious nature, it is still very possible to develop a love for learning at an early age. Kids should never associate learning with something that is being imposed on them. It should rather come from their inherent desire to learn more things.

A healthy learning atmosphere at home is also essential in effective learning. You can never expect your kids to do well in school if your home is not a conducive place for studying. For children to focus, they need to study in an area where they will not be interrupted. Distractions can be in the form of television, radio, electronic gadgets and even unnecessary noise. Make sure that these electronic devices are switched off during study time.

The idea is to instill the discipline that kids need in order for them to succeed. Help your child get organized so he can meet deadlines, and prepare ahead for any upcoming exam. But successful kids aren’t only good in Academics, but they should also be well-rounded individuals. Thus, guide your kids in finding the right balance between schoolwork and participating in non-academic activities.

It is also best not limit your child’s learning from lessons in school or from books alone. You can actually take advantage of unconventional types of teaching to illustrate a thought or concept. With a little imagination, you can teach kids Math or problem solving skills even through routine activities at home. Illustrate an idea through stories, or you can use trips to the park or to the museum as opportunities for greater learning.

While not all kids are born achievers, they all have the potential to excel if they are just willing to do their best in their undertakings. When kids are equipped with a positive outlook, discipline and the right skills, they are capable of achieving great things.