You’re probably aware of reality shows. One of the more popular types of reality show lately has been the ones where people are encouraged to lose weight or are given a makeover. You may never be chosen for a television show, but here’s how to feel good about yourself with a total makeover.

You may not need a drastic makeover, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reinvent your look. Don’t try doing everything at once if money is an issue; you can do a little at a time as you can afford it. The results may not be as shocking as some of the television shows, but they can still be amazing.

Determine how much money you can afford to spend on your new look. Do you want a new hairstyle including color? What about a wardrobe makeover? That can be a pricey endeavor but can do so much to help you feel good about yourself.

Rather than going into a salon and asking them to make you over, take the time to do some research. Think of magazines you’ve read or people you admire. Start a makeover journal where you can keep all your ideas. Then decide if your body type is suitable for that style.

Go through magazines to find pictures of clothes, makeup, and hairstyles you like. Some websites have software which enables you to upload a photo of yourself so you can try new hairstyles before you let someone cut or color your hair.

Once you’ve settled on a new hairstyle, it’s time to go to the salon. A new cut and color can do so much to improve the way you feel about yourself. Be sure your stylist understands what you want and will help you decide which style and color will best accentuate your natural beauty and skin tone.

Many department stores have make-up counters where you can get a free make-up makeover. Does this mean you’re obligated to purchase the pricey make-up they used? No, you don’t have to purchase everything, but you may want to purchase one thing there and then pick up similar items which are less expensive at a discount store.

Ask friends to join you in your effort to get healthy. Develop a new exercise routine and diet that you can all enjoy and stick to. If you need to lose some weight, be prepared to hold off on buying new clothing until your weight has stabled out. There’s no sense in buying new clothes only to have to replace them in a few months once you’ve lost 10-15 pounds.

When you think about buying new clothes, don’t imitate the shows which throw out an entire wardrobe. Decide what type of style you’d look best in and gradually choose new clothing as you can afford it. Buy some classic items in dark colors which will go with nearly any style. Choose different accessories you can wear with clothes you already have. This may update or change your look entirely without having to toss the clothes you already own.

Finally, you want to have great support for your feet. If you’re wearing the wrong type of shoes it could alter the way you carry yourself. Extremely high heels may make your legs look longer but they’re also impractical. Find shoes which are comfortable and stylish.

Use these ideas for how to feel good about yourself with a total makeover. With each positive change you make, your self-esteem will increase. Before too long, you may not recognize the person looking back from the mirror.