For Halloween last year, I bought a ready to wear costume for my daughter. I figured that with my hectic schedule, it would be quite reasonable to just purchase one from the store. I took my sweet time without considering the fact that there were too many eager parents and children, who wanted to purchase their costumes way ahead of time. So even if my daughter wanted to look like a classic fairy with a colorful tutu and glittery wings, I ended up purchasing a black one with matching plain black wings. Instead of being a mesmerizing fairy, she ended up being a fairy witch because I already had very limited options. I learned that everything that’s Halloween related flew out of the racks weeks before October 31st.

For this year, I will try my hand in making my daughter’s Halloween costume for a change. During last year’s event, I noticed that too many kids wore the same costume– my daughter included! So for this Halloween, I am creating a unique garden fairy costume for my daughter as a long overdue peace offering from last year’s event. It’s still a work in progress but with this costume, I am sure that she will look different as compared to her other fairy friends.

Whether you want to create your child’s costume, or you opt to buy it from the store, here are some tips to remember:

1.       Think about safety. Above all else, your child’s safety should never be compromised. Some costumes may be too long and these can pose as tripping hazards. Be very particular with hem lines and length so that your child can safely move around without the danger of falling or hurting herself.  Another thing to consider is whether your child’s costume can put others at risk for injury too. An overly sized costume or accessories with sharp edges is not at all safe for highly energetic kids. Opt for short swords or knives that are soft and flexible.

2.       Never sacrifice comfort. It’s crucial that your child is comfortable with her attire. It should be well fitted, and she should be able to move freely with it. While some costumes may look good with matching footwear, never allow your child to wear it if it’s not her size. She needs comfortable shoes so she could safely and comfortably walk for long periods of time.

3.       Consider the weather. In choosing your child’s attire, make sure that it’s suited for the weather in your area. Thick costumes such as furry animals may not be ideal for warmer climates. Likewise, if you live in colder areas, you need to make sure that your child can still wear warm clothes underneath her costume.

4.        Skip the mask. Masks may look good, but it can impair vision. Hence, it’s wiser to use make up or face paint to enhance your child’s overall look. There are plenty of free tutorials online and it can give you a tip or two on how you can achieve the look that you want. To make sure that your child will not react to any of these products, test it on a small area prior to using it.

5.       Prepare early. Decide whether it’s worth the trouble of creating a costume for your child or if it’s just better off buying one from the store. If you want to save, you need to look around first for the materials that you will need, so that you can determine whether it’s really cheaper to make one. There are plenty of reasonably priced Halloween costumes online or in the stores that you can just spruce up a bit. If you look around months before Halloween, you can definitely make the most out of your budget.

When you choose a costume for your child, don’t worry about not following the norm. Halloween is after all an excuse to dress in outlandish and out of the ordinary fashion, so let your creativity flow. It’s also vital that you consider your child’s preferences because what’s most important is that she will enjoy wearing her costume. What will your child wear for Halloween? Do you have any tips to share when choosing a costume?