Even before the holidays have started, a lot of people may have aimed not to overindulge with the lavish buffet spreads, and well-loved family favorites. No matter how hard your resolve is, it may be the hardest time to stick to your exercise plan. Your schedule may already be hectic as it is, and when you add the chores you need to do for the holidays, you may end up skipping your exercise regimen. Setting aside exercise during this time of year may not seem like a good idea, if you want to avoid holiday weight gain.

The holidays will always be a busy time for many, and recognizing that it can affect your schedule, is a good way to plan out your exercise regimen. Try to be flexible and make necessary adjustments in your routine. If you attend exercise classes at a certain time and you cannot make it, try to compensate in other ways. Exercising should not only be limited in your exercise class, know your options in your area where you can do other physical activities. You can take a swim at an indoor pool, walk or jog during the time that you can. Exercise should also not be on the bottom of your daily to-do list. It should be a priority because it is the time of the year, when individuals usually eat more than usual.

If you have too many things to do, you can incorporate exercise in your activities. If you need to shop, then by all means shop and walk all you can. Walking is a very good exercise and it can be done anywhere. Walk and check out other bargains in other shops before purchasing items. It may allow you to walk more and burn extra calories. Always be ready with your exercise shoes and clothes just in case you can insert walking in your day’s activities.

If the cold weather is preventing you to take walks, stay indoors to prevent health risks such as exercise-induced asthma. This may then be the proper time to create an exercise regimen that you can do at home. You can play lively music and dance to your heart’s delight, or you can play the exercise videos that have piled up on your shelf. Push-ups, sit-ups and other exercises can also be done at home without any gym equipment. If you used to dread doing household chores for the holidays, this year recognize the fact that it can help you burn off more calories. Scrub the floor, clean the tub or wash windows, it may allow you to burn approximately 100 calories by doing so.

If you have been setting aside your kids’ request to go ice skating or skiing, perhaps it is the right time to join them. Ice skating can help you burn 493 calories in an hour while skiing downhill can help you burn off 352 calories per hour. If you feel that you don’t have the skills, try snowshoeing. It can allow you to burn a good 563 calories per hour. You can also involve your family in doing fun physical activities outdoors. Try sledding, making snow angels or even just active play with your kids. Anything that gets you moving, and gets your heart rate up is a good way to burn calories.

Lastly, it may be best to set realistic goals for yourself. Losing weight may be too ambitious when food temptations are everywhere. Instead, aim for maintaining your weight and don’t feel bad for cheating at times. It is only but normal to have days when it is really hard to keep your resolve. The important thing is for you to recognize that although it may be hard to stick to your exercise regimen, you can still manage to get back on track and get moving.