After spending a large part of the year indoors, you begin to yearn to be outdoors. Your body craves the sunshine and fresh air. This may be particularly true if you’ve noticed changes to your mood. Learn how a game of tennis can improve your mood and your health.

Obviously you don’t expect one game of tennis to do so much, but getting active again after several months can make a huge difference in your outlook. Here’s how tennis can improve your health and your mood.

Tennis improves flexibility, strength, and coordination. It can also greatly improve stamina. Since you’re being active, you’re also bolstering your heart, lungs and circulatory system. Playing tennis can also help prevent osteoporosis. All-in-all, from a physical standpoint, tennis is a great balanced workout.

Besides being great physical exercise, tennis provides a great mental workout as well. Tennis is a game of strategy and speed. The ability to think on your feet is imperative in tennis, since you’ll need to react quickly to what your opponent does.

Playing tennis can also help to improve your mood, although you could get the same mood-boosting benefits from many other types of exercise. The plain fact is that exercise is good for you physically and emotionally. Exercising releases chemicals endorphins which stimulate the ‘feel good’ receptors in your brain. It also reduces the stress hormones your body creates.

Tennis can be a great activity if you’ve had a bad day and find yourself being angry. Not only will focusing on your game help you get your mind off of your frustrations, you’ll also have the added benefit of being able to ‘hit’ something. This is a constructive way to rid yourself of those angry feelings.

If you’re looking for a natural way to improve your mood, playing tennis or being otherwise physically active is your best choice. Besides increasing the mood-boosting chemicals in your brain, it also balances out your cholesterol and burns calories. Playing a sport with someone, such as doubles tennis or a team sport, is often a better choice if your mood needs to be improved.

You’re also improving your physical appearance while playing tennis or another sport. You’ll notice muscle definition in your legs. You’ll stand up straighter and carry yourself in a whole different way. And if you’re carrying yourself differently, you’ll begin to feel better about yourself and your efforts to improve your health. You may also realize you’re losing weight because you’re more active.

Learning how a game of tennis can improve your mood may be what you need to encourage you to take up the sport. You can often find someone to teach you the game if you’ve never played before. Check with your local recreation department to see if they can recommend someone. Then get out there with your tennis racket, hits some tennis balls around the court, and feel better!