The sun is out and the heat is on. With global warming becoming more intense, bearing the heat during summer time can be difficult. Babies are no exception to the discomforts brought about by hot weather.

Babies are especially vulnerable to heat rashes, sunburns and even a heatstroke. Their skin is more sensitive and their body temperature is higher than adults. Added attention is needed to help a baby stay cool and comfortable on hot days.
Since babies can’t verbalize their discomfort, parents must be sensitive to their child’s behavior. Here are some things that help keep your baby cool on hot summer days.

• Water. Perspiration is the main reason for dehydration on a hot weather. Replenish fluid loss by supplementing feeds with water. Breast-fed babies may need to feed more often, though at shorter periods, to get more fluid intake. Regularly check for wet diapers to make sure your baby is well-hydrated.

• Light clothing. Dress your baby in light and breathable clothing. Short-sleeved tops paired with shorts or a diaper cover are suitable for summer. Make sure they are loose-fitting to prevent heat rashes. Onesies are also a staple. Throw in a cap or wide-brimmed hat in case you bring your little one out. Opt for 100% cotton material for breathability.

• Breeze. Open the windows to let the air circulate around your home. Good ventilation is important to clear your home of warm, stuffy air. Babies become irritable when they are hot. Use an electric fan for an artificial breeze or turn on air-conditioning on really hot days.

• Baby gear. Switch to summer-friendly baby gear, like strollers and carriers. Look for breathable (preferably mesh) materials, less padding and sun protection features (like a sun shade or umbrella). Of course, be sure the new gears pass baby safety standards. Also change your baby’s crib beddings to fit the summer weather. You may need to keep the heavy quilt and fleece blankets for next season.

• Bath. A tepid water bath is refreshing on a hot day. Give your child a bath once a day to wash out the dirt and perspiration accumulated during the day. Try to use less baby products like oil and lotion because it adds a sticky feeling. Cornstarch powder may help control moisture on their skin, though.

• Avoid sun exposure. Babies are usually stuck indoors for their own protection. In case you decide to bring your baby outdoors, make sure it’s not between 10AM – 3PM, when the sun can cause the greatest skin damage. Avoid direct exposure to the sun, even inside a car. Use baby-friendly sun protection.

Hot weather management is easy when you keep these tips mind. Summer time won’t last long, so it is best to enjoy it without worrying about how to help your baby stay cool on a hot summer day.