If you have decided on hosting a party for Halloween, why not plan it around a green theme? And what could be greener than “recycling”?  Here are some easy, cheap and fun ideas you can use for your Halloween entertainment.

First, instead of trying to do all of the work of decorating and preparing food yourself, why not combine the “recycling” concepts of left-overs and pot lucks, and ask each guest to contribute to the food, music and decorations.  To avoid having the party turn into chaos using this idea, you could outline the menu, music genre and color schemes and ask everyone to follow along.  For example, ask people to bring their favorite vegetarian appetizer, their favorite rock or jazz (on cd’s or mp3’s), and a black or orange centerpiece or balloon bouquet.

For entertainment, have each person on your party list brings 5 or more different “dress up” props.  Give instructions for people to bring crazy and unusual theatrical costume items: fright wigs, capes, feather boas, satin boxer shorts, Spock ears, rhinestone tiaras, fake mustaches…the more visually outrageous, the better.   (And it is best if the articles are either large enough to fit anyone in the group or are one-size-fits-all.)

Then as each person arrives, write the name of each prop on a slip of paper and assemble all of the props on a table.   Then everyone takes turns drawing for the name of one prop piece to wear.  Rotate through the group until all of the props are handed out.  And keep your digital camera or video camera handy as everyone adds the oddball props to their costumes.  It’s a lot of fun to watch your 6-foot tall football player friend put on a long pearl necklace, big red clown nose and a top hat, or to see your prim and proper 5-foot tall accountant sister wearing a Groucho mustache and a fake bald head.

When everyone is “dressed” in their new costumes, it’s a good time to start a game of charades.  And remember to keep the cameras rolling.  The pictures you will get from this party will be priceless.