Some people have a misconception that camping is boring, perhaps because there is no electrical or technological entertainment available! But there is so much rich experience that camping can offer. Camping is a wonderful way to participate in activities and events that you would not otherwise experience. Here are some ideas of great ways to enjoy your camping trip with the whole family.

Special Snacks

Camp food can be really special. When else are you going to roast marshmallows or make s’mores? Anticipating unique treats can make camping even more memorable and special. Some other snacks and foods that can be special for your camping trip are:

  • Pudding in a bag (yes, you can make pudding from a mix in a zip-top bag) – kids love this.
  • Trail mix can take all kinds of forms. Mix in a favorite cereal that your kids don’t normally get to eat, for example.
  • Mini cereal boxes are fun for kids.
  • “Silver turtles” are a one-dish meal that kids enjoy assembling. Place a ground beef patty in the center of a piece of heavy foil, and make a “turtle” by placing sliced carrots and potatoes on and around the patty. Wrap tightly and place directly into hot coals. Cover with more hot coals and cook for 25 minutes or so.

Camp Songs

Teach your children special songs to sing around the campfire. A quick internet search can help you find the lyrics to camp songs. Better yet, you can teach your kids songs that you remember from camping trips.

Water Fun

While you’re out camping, see about getting into some water activities like rafting or canoeing. Not only are such things enjoyable, but you and your family will learn valuable skills. Don’t forget about fishing. You can even catch some fish to cook over your campfire. And some of the scenery around lakes, rivers, and creeks is magnificent.

Nature Walks

Getting out into the natural world is a wonderful experience for all ages. Show your children the different types of rocks, insects, and plants. If possible, explore running water and waterfalls. Look for fish and birds. Once piece of technology you will want to take along is a camera. When you get home, make a scrap book online or on paper that documents your nature walk.

While You’re Making That Scrapbook…

Consider making a collage of the whole camping trip. This is a wonderful way to review all the pictures you took. The whole family can reminisce and contribute. The collage can go up in your home, or be given as a gift. What a nice gift for the kids to make and give to Mom and Dad!