Your child’s first day at school can be a nerve-racking experience for both parents and children. In order to keep your child organized and make the experience a little less unnerving, it is a good idea to prepare your child with a first day of school checklist. This checklist covers the basic information as well as instructions if your child should get lost.

  • Make sure your child knows his or her teacher’s name. This will help ease the fears of not knowing where to go. If your child gets lost, another teacher can easily guide your child to the right place. If your child happens to forget their teacher’s name, they can still get help from another teacher who will likely guide them to the main office.
  • Most schools send home a checklist of items that children will need to bring on their first day of school. Review the checklist and pack your child’s backpack a few days before school begins. You can double-check the backpack the night before to ensure your child has not removed any of the items.
  • Sit down with your child and explain in simple terms what the first day of school is going to be like. While you may not be able to remember as far back as your first day of kindergarten, as a parent your child relies on you to ease any fears they may have. Allow your children to ask questions about their first day at school and answer them as best as you can.
  • If possible, take your child to school on that first day of kindergarten. Your child may feel more at ease if he or she has you to direct them to the proper location. Be aware that your child may panic when you have to leave and the experience may be hard on you as well.
  • Make sure your child has an emergency contact card to present to the teachers. This card is important because it will have all of the necessary information for your child’s school to contact you should they need to. Also ensure that your child knows or has your home phone number written down. This way they can contact you if the need arises.

It is very easy to get caught up in your child’s first day of school which can be a nerve-racking experience for both parents and children. You can help to ensure your child gets off to a great start by making sure they are prepared. If you cannot take your child to school on that first day, make sure they know their teacher’s name and where they will be going.

Fill out all emergency contact information and make sure the information reaches your child’s teacher. Also be sure that your children know their home phone number so they can contact you if the need arises. Be sure to congratulate your child on a job well done after they arrive home.