Family traditions can take place at any time, whether it’s an annual summer vacation trip or a specific holiday tradition. It is important to follow these traditions over the years as it will help your children and your families develop a bond. It also provides a sense of family and gives you and your children an activity to look forward to.

Many families will schedule an annual summer trip when the children are out of school. Summer trips can be to amusement parks or simply camping for a weekend. Taking annual vacations is a good way to get away from the stressors of everyday life and to spend time and bond as a family.

Most households have two working parents and children who are involved in activities, which allows for very little family time. Getting away on vacation together is a good way to reinforce the family bond and values.

Christmas and other holiday traditions are fairly common amongst families. Many of these traditions are valued so much that they are carried down through the generations. Children are usually amazed to learn that their grandparents carried on these traditions and so forth. By observing these traditions, whatever they may be, you are passing on a piece of your family.

Security is another reason to observe family traditions. Adults and children alike usually take comfort in knowing and observing family traditions. You may disrupt your child’s sense of security if you abruptly stop observing a family tradition.

Sometimes it may be impossible to observe a tradition, for example in the case of an emergency. However, try to make plans to observe the tradition as soon as possible. Most people will not care if the tradition is observed later, as long as an attempt is made.

Allow modifications of a current tradition as the need arises. For example, if you usually have Thanksgiving dinner at your house, but this year someone has had a baby and really doesn’t want to or cannot leave the house, offer to hold the dinner at their house. Traditions such as Thanksgiving dinner are typically more about being with the family than always gathering in the same place.

Allowing flexibility with your traditions ensures that you will be able to conform to any changes that arise year after year.

Family traditions are important to observe for many reasons such as family bonding and maintaining a sense of security. They are usually passed down among generations and as a result some variations may occur. Welcome these variations on your family traditions and you will ensure that they last for many more generations.