You hear about couples that have been married for 60 years and wonder how they managed to stay together so long. After the newlywed stage wanes, you and your partner may have fallen into a rut. You think the romance is gone, but there are easy ways to rekindle romance in a relationship if you’re willing to work at it. So, how about it? Are you ready?

Some people wait until Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or birthday to tell their partner “I love you.” If you wait too long, though, your partner may begin to wonder if it’s true. Rather than waiting for a holiday, try some of these ways to rekindle romance at any time of the year.

  • Make your relationship a priority. Let your partner, family including your children, and friends know your marriage is your top priority. Then start treating it that way.
  • Don’t take your relationship with your partner for granted. Despite the fact you have a strong love for one another and a history together, your relationship will still take work.
  • Spend more time touching one another. Hold hands if you’re walking through a store, while talking and waiting for dinner to arrive, or for no reason at all. Touching is one way to let your partner know you love them.
  • Talk about things you did while dating. If you have children, they may enjoy hearing some of the stories as long as you don’t get too mushy. Reminisce about how you met and first fell in love. The old feelings may come flooding back.
  • Let your children see you kiss, hug, or display affection with one another. They may say ‘yuck’ but they really do need to see your love for each other.
  • Couples who have children may have difficulty rekindling romance because they rarely have time alone. This, too, can be remedied. Ask a friend or family member to watch the children for you so you can either go out on a ‘date’ or share a romantic dinner at home. Keeping them overnight would be even better. If you’re staying home, prepare the meal together, set a romantic candlelit table, and play your special song or music which has meaning for you.
  • While on your ‘date,’ promise not to discuss the children. Instead, talk about things you always dreamed of doing together and begin making tentative plans. Perhaps you’ve wanted to go to a foreign country. You can start gathering travel brochures and find out how much your dream travels will cost, and then begin saving toward that dream.
  • Be spontaneous. If you can get a sitter for the weekend, drop the children off, and then kidnap your partner at the end of the day. Find a nice bed and breakfast or hotel room and enjoy your time together, just the two of you.

These easy ways to rekindle romance in a relationship can be undertaken at any time of the year. Or you can use your imagination and come up with your own ideas. Once you’ve decided you want to rekindle the romance, do your best to accomplish this goal and keep your relationship alive and healthy.