Every baby’s first year is special. Many parents go out of their way to celebrate their little one’s growth progress. A baby’s monthly birthday is usually commemorated with a cake (even just a cupcake) and lots of picture taking! But every so often, you encounter a great concept that can make remembering those days more fun. Here are some of those “I wish I’d thought of that” ideas:

1.       Not just monthly photos. Monthly photos are commonplace in today’s digital age. Some even go as far as taking daily head shots! To make sure your baby’s monthly pictures are documented with consistency, use baby onesie stickers such as the ones from Picky Sticky. You’d just have to stick monthly markers on your baby’s clothing and then you can start clicking. They come in gender-specific or gender-neutral designs. You can also make your own if you are good in graphic design.

2.       Create an online journal. An online baby blog is something you can pass on to your child when she is old enough to appreciate it. Much like a tangible baby book or baby journal, a blog is a easier way to document your baby’s progress, complete with pictures, videos and you personal comments on her milestones. You can name the journal after your child, and just keep updating it until it’s time to turn over the ownership. You can find more information on starting a blog at howtostartablog.com

3.       Make prints or casts. It’s a great idea to make monthly hand prints or foot casts of your child. It’s something you can keep and compare as your child grows. This time of your child’s life can never be repeated, so there’s no such thing as overdoing its preservation. You can buy baby-safe inkpads by ProudBody in Amazon. Infant molding and casting kits can also be bought online. Precious Impressions Infant Keepsake Kits lets you make a 3D hand replica, and they come in white plaster or crystal-look finish.

4.       Organize a chart. Your fast-growing child will be weighed and measured time and again. Keep track of her growth progress by creating a chart using a trusty pen and paper, or better yet, an Excel file. On your baby’s first year, you can print the raw data on a sheet of paper or make a nice graph-style artwork using the information on hand. It will make a fine conversation piece in your child’s nursery.

5.       Display the treasures. Monthly birthday memories are often placed in a keepsake box or added to the baby scrapbook, only to be forgotten in time. Try to stock up on nice picture frames to showcase your baby’s keepsakes. It’s a good idea to get a picture frame that can hold 12 small portraits. Then you can also grab several shadowbox frames or a Treasures Compartment Frame to showcase bulky items like the hospital bracelet or baby booties.

Whenever you come across a good idea, you automatically think about doing the same thing for your child. Share your creative memory-making idea for other parents to try.