You may have heard the saying “Use it or lose it.” What most people don’t realize is just how true those words are when you’re talking about your mind. It’s important to take the time to challenge your brain each day. The following are some brain training software for seniors to use so they can stay mentally sharp.

In recent years, there seems to be an explosion of software created with the senior citizen in mind. With so many seniors developing dementia or other conditions affecting the intellect, companies are not only creating software which will improve one’s memory, but may actually help them stay physically and mentally fit.

InSight software by Posit Science is one example of software being tested to see how it improves a senior’s safety behind the wheel. Some insurance companies are offering the opportunity to help evaluate the software to determine how much it can help seniors have reduced accidents. If the program is successful in what it purports to do, those using the software may receive auto insurance discounts.

While the software isn’t inexpensive, $395 for a single user, it promises to be beneficial. Each person using the software “plays” computer games which will help them notice things easier as well as stay engaged as they drive. Previous research claims that dangerous driving was reduced by nearly 40 percent among people using this brain training software for seniors.

Health insurance companies are also jumping on the “brain training” bandwagon as are assisted living homes throughout the nation. Do you have to shell out a lot of money to get the benefits of the brain training software? Absolutely not!

When the Nintendo DS Lite first came out, one of the few games you could get was called Brain Age. This software is a series of games which helps the user stay focused while playing, and this could translate to improved mental health. In fact, there are studies being conducted which indicate these brain games can actually help delay the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

Nintendo also offers Flash Focus for the DS. Along with improving memory, this game may also improve vision. Brain Age 2 picks up where the original game left off and puts forward additional games which can help bolster a senior’s brain power.

Critical thinking skills can be improved by finding Sudoku software games. Mah Jong Quest II is another game which can build stamina and improve a senior’s observation ability. These are readily available on the internet, as are many other such games.

Doctors will explain the importance of keeping seniors engaged in activities which will fend off dementia when it first begins. Of course, the traditional method of treating it with medication is also available if the doctor prescribes it. However, playing some of the brain training software for seniors is fun and can assist in keeping seniors mentally active as well.