That’s what we thought when we saw the baby’s first ultrasound.  Although the images aren’t that clear, and although you can’t see the baby’s defined features, it’s amazing to watch the heart beat, the head move, the mouth yawn, and even hand wave!  Well, it looked like a wave! 

One of the first thoughts that crossed my mind while the technician was moving the receiver across my belly was, “I can’t believe there is actually a real human being, a little baby, a part of me in my belly!”

Watch the video and you’ll see why we were so impressed:

I swear he was waving at us, as if he knows we are watching him! 

By the way, the video is narrated by my husband.  It’s difficult to see where the baby’s head is versus his butt.  So he thought he’d make it easier for the viewer to see.  Hoe you enjoy his narration.

Our little guy is 7 months old now.  Oh the progress!  Today, I decided to watch the video for grins and giggles.  That yawn.  It’s the same yawn he has today!  Isn’t that something!