Taking care of a little one can be a draining task. Sometimes, just standing in front of the sink washing vegetables without your little crying is enough to get few minutes of peace and quiet.

In fact, while I was washing vegetables that I purchased from the supermarket one day, I realized that I can get more of this “quiet” time while I do some gardening in the back yard.

Gardening is a great way to relax. It’s also a nice way to spend some quality time outdoors with your baby. If he’s not walking or crawling yet, set up a playpen nearby (so you can still keep an eye on him) and give him a few of his favorite toys. This way, you both can enjoy some fresh air together while you can do dig into the soil, plant some seeds, pull some weeds, and whistle your favorite tune.

As the baby gets older, you can let him participate by helping you toss the seeds into the soil. In the process, you can help him understand the cycles of nature.

If you live in a condo or townhome and do not have a backyard, you can plant herbs and flowers instead and hang them up on the balcony or windowsill.

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