Parenting can bring you so much joy, but it can also be really tough sometimes. As much as parents would like to be the perfect role model, the fact remains that we are also humans, capable of committing mistakes. After a hard day from work, you may find yourself really irritable and short-tempered. Although you want to rest, you still have parenting duties to accomplish.

All parents get frustrated sometimes, especially if the demands of work and parenting coincide. Parents should not be too hard on themselves. If you feel that you are on the brink of frustration or burnout, there are ways that can be taken to save your sanity:

1. Take a needed break. Taking a break will allow you to have a better mindset after. Try to fix your schedule with your partner so he can look after the kids, while you go to the gym, shop, or eat out with friends. If you are a single parent, ask for your family’s help. Sometimes, a parent just needs to take a breather, in order to cope with the demands of parenthood.

2. Try to squeeze in a little time for relaxation during the day. You can forego coffee breaks, and take a walk instead. You can also do some relaxation techniques during your break time. Diversions are helpful in reducing stress and it can also make you feel refreshed when you go home.

3. Children excitedly wait for parents to come home. It is then important to come home with extra energy to keep up with your child’s enthusiasm. Try establishing a ritual before going home. It may be good to spend an alone time before you head home, to release all the tension of your workday.

4. Try not to be a super parent. Although home cooked meals are good, time will always be an issue. You may be able to reduce stress, if you can bring dinner at least twice a week. Examine the areas in your schedule that you can modify. If you think that you need help, by all means you can hire somebody to probably help you out, even for an hour or two everyday.

5. Set realistic goals for yourself. Never attempt to finish all the house work if you simply can’t. Some chores can be done during weekends like grocery shopping and doing the laundry.

6. Let everyone do their part in the household chores. If you can have your older kids involved, it can get the job quickly done. It will also instill a sense of responsibility in your children.

7. Take your kids out for some fun time during weekends. Sometimes it helps if you can just go out to the park and read a book, while your kids can play. This will allow you to relax and at the same time bond with your kids. A change in the routine, of how you bond with your kids, can also put you into a better perspective.

Children need a lot of attention and love. And it can be quite challenging for parents who try to balance work and family life. Although the stressors can be many, nothing can ever compare to the joys of parenthood.