If you have spent the last couple of years eating out and doing the very same thing on Valentine’s day, it may be high time to do some experimenting so that you can get the excitement back on what is dubbed as the sweetest time of the year. Valentine’s Day has long been celebrated as a time for couples to express their love for each other. It’s even considered as one of the busiest time for florists, jewelers, restaurateurs, and other merchants.

Couples who are on the beginning stage of their relationship are usually relentless in showing their affection to each other. But as the years go by, over familiarity and the demands of work and family can in some way affect how couples relate to one another. If you want to again experience the giddy feelings such that of newfound love, you can start getting your relationship back into that level by making her feel special on Valentine’s Day. Here are some date ideas for Hearts Day:

1.    Relive milestones and remember how it all began. If you have celebrated most of your family’s special occasions at a favorite restaurant, skip doing that this year and relive old memories. It may help revive the spark in your relationship if you go back to how everything started. Recall details of where and how you spent a very important milestone in your relationship. This can be a place where you proposed, or even the place when you both realized that your relationship is for the long haul.

Preorder what you had for that special evening so that your experience will be close to what you had a few years back. Reliving old memories can bring the sizzle back in your relationship because it is a good way of remembering why you both agreed to stick together through thick and thin.

2.    Make easy plans and opt for a night of pampering. If you want to avoid the Valentine rush, you can head to a spa and get a dual massage. It could be relaxing to spend an hour or so in a spa away from all traffic and the people heading somewhere for their dates. Afterwards, you can go to a secluded location away from all the hotspots so you can just concentrate on each other.

3.    Get a room. The right atmosphere can add some spice to your sex life. With a change of venue, you may both be encouraged to experiment because you are away from the familiarity, pressures and the routines at home. Set the mood by making reservations ahead so you can request the set up to be suited to your preferences.

4.    Make reservations for a one day getaway. Leave the kids with their grandparents and drive to a place where you have always wanted to go.  New experiences can do wonders to your relationship so book an overnight stay at a fun location so you can create wonderful memories together.

5.     Surprise your partner with a day off. If you are always busy with work and you can rarely give undivided time to your partner, a day without meetings and any set plans can be a wonderful surprise. Get your partner into thinking that you are only free for dinner and surprise her on Valentine’s Day with a day devoted to whatever she wants to do. Seriously, who wouldn’t appreciate an entire day of quality time with your loved one?

6.    Add some twist to timeless gifts. Despite modern ways of expressing affection, giving flowers, chocolates, and love notes have never grown out of style because they never fail to make a person feel special. Plan the perfect way on how you can give these gifts so that it will be more romantic. Instead of just sending your partner a dozen of roses at her workplace, why not send three different things throughout the day. Include notes that would lead to the next surprise so that it would be more exciting.

What is your idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day? What are your plans for Valentine’s Day this year?