Now that you’ve finished packing up last year’s clutter, it’s time to lay out shiny new goals as the New Year rolls out. Apart from your regular new year’s resolutions, there are some practical things you should add to your yearly to-do list. These are things that can generally make your family’s life easier and even save you some money.

As parents, you probably already have a working list prepared. It’s easy to tack a piece of paper on your fridge door, but it’s more convenient to put them in a planner for better manageability. Here are some additional items your to-do list might be missing:

1. Wrap up. Tackle any unfinished business from last year to make way for new ones. Sometimes it’s hard to move on to new engagements when there are still things left to sort out. So, finish all pending year-end commitments, pay up dues and work on finishing the projects you started last year before they start accumulating dust. It’s always easier to get motivated and organized when you have a clean slate to start with.

2. Draft birthday plans. Even if your kids’ birthdays are scattered months away, you can start planning for the parties now. Themes are the thing of birthday parties, so the earlier you finalize on one, the easier it will be for you to gather materials and make necessary reservations as the big day comes near.

3. Car tune-up. Your car health is very important especially if you drive it on a daily basis. Many accidents happen just because of poor car conditions. Mark your calendar to get the oil changed, that rattling sound fixed and everything else that comes with a full auto tune-up. A healthy car burns gas more efficiently so think of the additional advantages.

4. Organize files. How many of last year’s files do you really need hanging around on your desktop – physical and virtual? Again, aim for a clean slate to start the New Year right. Place last year’s paperwork into folders and tuck them away in filing cabinets or boxes. Clear up space from your hard drive by saving old files into DVDs or external hard drives.

5. Review your phone plan. If you’ve already had the same rate plan in the past 4 years then chances are that it’s obsolete. Phone companies come up with new rate plans almost every year. Contact your billing representative to find out if it’s time to change yours. New rate plans might have more minutes with the same amount of money you’re paying for now. Some Phone companies may even give you a free phone for renewing your contract. Find out if there are similar benefits for renewing your other contracts like apartment rental and car insurance.

6. Clean up your cabinets. Even before spring cleaning, it’s important to schedule a cupboard and medicine cabinet clean up. Throw out everything that’s expired, discolored and smelly. This reason for it is obvious: to prevent accidental ingestion. Important medicines need to be replaced quickly, though, to make sure you have them on hand in case of emergency. For women, it’s also a good idea to clean up your make-up drawer of the same expired, discolored and smelly items.

These are only a few of the things that you should pen in your to-do list. Now it’s time to put these items into action. Don’t stress too much because you have a whole year to do them.