He’s your all-around handyman, and your loyal partner in all your undertakings. He never complains when the kids mess up the house, and he stays rational when you can’t. He doesn’t mind if you easily get irritated when the kids are too naughty, and he works hard so that the bills get paid. He is happiest when he sees his children’s small achievements, and he plays tirelessly with the kids even after a full day’s work.

There is no doubt that fathers are the unsung heroes of a family. They have quietly straightened things out without having to bother anyone. And this time around, it’s your turn to show him that he is appreciated for the wonderful things that he has done for the family. Whether you decide to keep the yearly family tradition of dining out, or finding other exciting things to do, the possibilities are just endless. Here are some ways on how you can make Father’s Day really special:

1.     Get him to do an activity that he’s been longing to do. If he hasn’t seen his favorite sports team play, perhaps it may be the best time to indulge and purchase tickets so he can watch it live. Father’s Day happens only once a year and you can never go wrong if you prepare a surprise that is based on his preferences.

2.    Give him a day of pampering. While women are known to troop to spas for relaxation, there are already a number of men who are already sold out to the idea of wellness by going to spas. There are already spa packages available that are tailored to meet the needs of men of different lifestyles. If you think that your husband is the type who enjoys some spa pampering, try to check whether there are special rates so you can get the best deal.

3.    Throw a party. In running the household and raising kids, most fathers have gladly stepped aside so that moms can have the limelight. But without their dedication and love for family, you can never pull it off too. Show him that you appreciate his efforts by honoring him through a party. Although these are hard times for many, you can cut the expenses by having a joint celebration with other people you know. Get your family and close friends together to honor all dads. It can be such an exciting time if you can get everyone together to celebrate the occasion.

4.    Give him a gym membership or an annual subscription of his favorite magazine. If he’s into movies, you can give him a movie subscription so that he can get a hold of copies of the latest films. He would surely appreciate your gift especially if he gets to enjoy it for an entire year.

5.    Skip the tie and make your own gifts. Although there are plenty of tempting offers this time of year, try to go out of the norm and start crafting. Ask your kids for suggestions and decide on a common project to do. The effort exerted in making a gift can be more valuable than any material gift that you can purchase.

Apart from the material gifts, the best gift that a dad gets to receive is the unconditional love from each member of the family. While there are plenty of material gifts that will surely brighten his day, sometimes it is more than enough to show him that he is loved and appreciated for the wonderful person that he is to everyone.