If you’ve been together for so long and you’ve allowed yourself to just get caught in the routine of everyday life, then chances are you may have also neglected nurturing your relationship to the point of boredom. And if the notion of time alone with your partner no longer excites you, it may already indicate that your relationship needs some serious work.

If all you ever do is work for days on end, it could be hard to keep your partner in the mood for love. So stop dreaming that you are in Fairytale Land living your happy ever after when you badly need to reignite the passion in your relationship. Bear in mind that a good relationship is the key to a wonderful sex life. Here are some ways on how you can get back the sizzle in your love life:

1.    Regularly go out on dates. Once in a while break the regular habit of heading out to the usual eating spot and movie house and opt for a romantic dinner without the kids. You may also do an annual weekend getaway so that you can solely focus on each other. At times these “couples- only” activities may be just what you need to get things going in the bedroom.

2.    Be spontaneous. While routines breed familiarity and stability, there is excitement in spontaneity especially in your sex life. Avoid scheduling sex or even asking for it from your partner because it will end up becoming more of a chore. You may instead send passionate signals so that your partner will know that you are in the mood for some loving. Have fun and don’t constrain yourself into thinking that being intimate can only occur inside bedroom. Perhaps a new place is just what you both need so that you can both release inhibitions.

3.    Communicate. Many of us dare not tackle our sexual needs and fantasies because we are afraid of being judged. But sharing your needs to your partner can be liberating and it can even take your sex life to greater heights. Do not be afraid to talk about what you find pleasurable and in the same way you need to explore what pleases your partner. If you can openly discuss your desires, you can both work on becoming better lovers.

4.    Experiment. At times, we stay away from unnavigated waters because we tend to stick with what seems to be the norm. But you could never expect to keep the fire burning in your relationship if you are too afraid to try new things. So set the initiative sometimes and be open to change so that you can spice up the intimacy in your relationship. Explore different lovemaking strategies and you may even utilize related paraphernalia when needed.

5.    Identify potential problems.
Factors such as hormonal changes, stress, depression, unresolved anger, sexual performance anxieties along with other issues can get in the way with intimacy. Other times a person’s low libido may be due to a physical cause or it could also be a side effect of a particular medication. If you feel that your partner has to sort out some issues, be totally supportive. In certain cases, you may even seek the help of a doctor so that treatment can be started.