It’s your days off and you long to spend some time with your partner away from the kids. But if you feel that there’s really nothing to look forward to aside from the usual movie date and dinner nights, perhaps it’s time to make changes with your usual routine. Many couples fall into the trap of being too comfortable with each other that they no longer find ways on how they can sustain the excitement in their marriage. But feelings of giddiness and excitement can go beyond the initial stage of your relationship and it can even linger, for as long as you are willing to keep it that way. Here are some ways on how you can do just that:

1. Be open to new things. If you are the type of couple who don’t usually venture into new activities, it’s about time to go out of your comfort zones. Instead of going to the gym together, try enrolling in dance or martial arts classes. If not, you can both try a new sport. Instead of going  to your favorite fastfood joint, dress up and go somewhere fancy or romantic. Even a new dining experience can turn your routinary date nights into something new and exciting. By sharing new things together, you are nurturing the relationship and ensuring that even if time passes and wrinkles grow on both of you, you are still enjoying each other’s company.

2. Take turns when planning date nights. If you’re used to planning things for the family, it’s about time that you share the task. Sometimes it’s even more fun if you just wait and see how the day will unfold because it will just make the day more exciting. But it’s crucial that you try to be open to anything that your partner has planned for the night. If he planned something that you don’t think you’ll enjoy, don’t be a spoil sport and agree to it anyway. You will never know how you’ll find a certain activity if you are not willing to give it a try. And when it’s your turn to make plans, bear in mind that you are planning for two — so think of something that you will both enjoy.

3. Show your love through little surprises. The simple surprises that you can do for your partner can go a long way. If your partner is always in a rush to go to work every morning, prepare him breakfast on the go. If you also have a very busy morning, small surprises like writing a short note or putting a treat inside the car will do. For as long as it will make him loved and appreciated, the simplest things can mean the most.

4. Make no plans. Sometimes the most memorable days are those that are not planned. So if you both ran out of ideas of what to do and where to go, don’t be afraid to head out the door without any concrete plans. Just drive around and see where your “no destination adventures” take you. Many times these unplanned date nights are the most fun because you will both end up having new experiences together. So be prepared to embark on a new journey in a different part of town because it will surely be one enjoyable ride.

5. Keep it hot in the bedroom. As you celebrate your anniversary every year, you will become more and more comfortable with each other. But things don’t have to be too familiar or even boring in the bedroom . Try to fulfill each other’s fantasies and don’t be afraid to experiment. If you need to rent romantic movies and buy other related paraphernailia, then go ahead. Being intimate is an integral part of any healthy relationship so keep the romance alive, especially in the bedroom.

What’s your secret in keeping your marriage fun and exciting after all these years?